Capsule Curated: Graham Hiemstra (Cool Hunting)

July 29, 2014 BY CAPSULE

We invited some of our favorite menswear nerds in the industry to check out the Capsule NY Men's show and put together a list of what caught their eyes.

Here are the curated choices from our dude Graham Hiemstra. GH is an editor at Cool Hunting, and occasional contributor to Highsnobiety and Complex. Here's what he loved at SS15.


Japanese brand Snow Peak makes the most ill, high-end technical camping gear. And now they make clothing, which is a dream come true for those like myself who value getting into the outdoors. These wild trousers feature a waist that closes like a robe, which is weird, and comfy as hell.

In high school the baseball players were dickheads. This, paired with the fact that baseball is seriously boring, makes me generally averse to the sport. Decade-held grudges aside, this all black jersey from Seattle's Maiden Noir is hella tight—makes me wanna turn that empty lot with the rat king in it next to my apartment into an ill Sand Lot for me and my boys.

The tank top is my new favorite article of clothing, when worn under a button down. I'll chock it up to how hot NYC summers are. This cotton tank top from bizzaro brand Anzevino + Getty is a mellow way to layer in the heat while also experimenting with mesh on the low.

AXS Folk Technology says their "conceptual" clothes are inspired by the 1960s, communes and living off the land. Which, as an expert on the subject (read: I recently watched "The Source Family" documentary), is something I can totally relate to. That said, I could definitely see some young bb catching waves fireside with Father Yod in this quarter zip pull over. Or me. I'd like that too.

Wood Wood's NTBT hat stands for "Not To Be Trusted," which until maybe two years ago all bucket hats said without actually saying it.

Han Kjøbenhavn can do no wrong. Because I'm too poor to afford most of their garb, I continually gravitate towards their sunglasses. Also cus their sunglasses have dope shapes that'll make the five people around you wearing wayfarers feel like schoobs.

These coke white collaboration joints from London's Swear and Paris' Mort had me doing a shmoney dance.

Assembly New York's curious, double shawl collared coat makes little sense—it's somehow part canadian tuxedo and part Japanese noragi farm jacket. Either way, it's an ace for layering.

Brooklyn Tailors made the step into outerwear, introducing some nice clean silhouettes in rare fabrics. I can dig it.

Graham Hiemstra

Cool Hunting editor, and contributor to Highsnobiety & Complex

Instagram - @hollargram & @coolhunting