SS14 Preview: CAMO

June 05, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU

Since the brand's birth in 2007, CAMO by Stefano Ughetti made it their mission to get people back in touch with what they wear. It's easy to fall into shopping for trends and throwing clothes to the wayside every year, but CAMO is one of the few brands that head in the opposite direction. Ughetti has made it his duty to design clothes that are built to last, clothes that will stand the test of time and will look better with age. To this brand, it's all about forming a relationship with your wardrobe, and why not? Who knows your body better than your clothing?

Ughetti opened Superstar, a menswear concept store in Biella, Italy in 2005, which helped lay the groundwork for CAMO. Superstar has since become Ughetti's creative office, the place where he has worked on brand concepts like "Bio Ethical Sustainability", his past collaboration with Mongolian brand, Goyo Cashmere, and his work with online retailer, The Corner. CAMO continues to strive for its emphasis on rich color, structure, detailing, and luxe fabrics.

The SS14 collection by CAMO draws inspiration from their home city, Biella, but specifically from the Burcina garden on the hill of Pollone. Ughetti used specific colors of a garden for the collection - green, pink, yellow, blue, and grey each with a part of the garden in mind. Green signifies the lawn, pink and yellow for flowers, blue for the clear sky, and grey for the surrounding stones. Ughetti added, "The garden, as a metaphor for life, requires care and dedication. Only in this way is it possible to preserve and maintain one's own unchanged charm." This collection stays true to Ughetti's mission, to form a relationship with your wardrobe, to give your clothes meaning. Each piece will add to your character, not change it.

Ughetti told us to be on the lookout for the t-shirts this collection and their shorts. "The pieces that best represent this collection are our t-shirts made with cotton thread," said Ughetti. "They're presented with a wide range of bright colors such as yellow, pink, green and blue. Another important item is our shorts that, from this season, evoke the same detail of our best selling trousers."


You can see the CAMO SS14 collection in person at Capsule Paris and Berlin, and more preview photos of the collection on our Tumblr page.