Capsule Best in Show: Robert "Max" Twitty

January 21, 2015 BY STEVE DOOL


Robert ‘Max’ Twitty, Gents Among Men (@GentsAmongMen)

Item: Westage & Co Jacket

For Max, the bright fabrics and unique details from Korean brand Westage & Co. proved an irresistible combination.

What drew you to this particular piece?

The vibrant colors of the garments drew my attention. The smaller details such as the Korean symbol on the reverse side of the collar, and mother of pearl lapel decoration were also a great touch.

How does this piece work with your wardrobe or aesthetic?

This has a very Old American & British lifestyle feel to it. I like the tailored, relaxed feel this jacket has to it. In order to make this work within my wardrobe I would have to remember one thing: don’t take myself too seriously.

What item from your wardrobe would you pair this with?

This half lined, soft shoulder, tailored sports jacket can serve many purposes. I would pair this jacket with selvedge or distressed denim, or clean up the look with a pair of wingtips and a dress shirt.


Photos by Christian Cox