Capsule Best In Show: Jian DeLeon

July 21, 2014 BY ALEX DELANY


Capsule Best In Show: is a series where our friends, who just so happen to be the most prominent multi-disciplinary players in the menswear industry, give us the scoop on what they believe to be the best piece at Capsule Spring/Summer 2015, how they’d style it and why they need it in their wardrobes.

Jian DeLeon – Deputy Style Editor, Complex Magazine

Rascals’ Snap Pants

Jian DeLeon holds a heavy hand behind a majority of what you see both in-book and online at Complex Magazine, and he was kind enough to come through and show us what he thought was the best piece at Capsule NYC. A straight-up piece of sportswear, reminiscent of the youth basketball days, from Copenhagen’s Rascals’ caught Jian’s attention, and he let us know why:


WATM: Jian, what about the snap pants had you sold from the start?

JD: They’ve got that throwback nineties sportswear appeal, which is very relevant right now, but at the same time, that was me in middle school. It really tugs at those nostalgic strings.

Besides the overall identity of this piece, what about the details and fit works for the pants?

The side stripe adds a nice appeal, sort of like an old-school Umbro, with the graphics on it and the snaps closure. It lets you relive your recreational basketball league days. You could even wear a cool pair of shorts underneath, because you definitely don’t want to be wearing only underwear or god-forbid going commando, in case someone tries to prank you. It’s funny though, because if you let them hang loose anyways, you have a nice little avant-garde look with the flow-y pants. Not that I would do that myself. Basically, it just hits off a lot of boxes when it comes to reworked sportswear that’s casual and easy to wear, as well as being very clean and fits the body well.

81c233502af40fbc9b7411a79c63f2eaa22ec148_600.jpgDo you think these could translate well to other dudes as well?

They’re in the minimal color palette, so they work if you’re the guy that wears mostly black or white. You could also work them into the rotation if you’re a dude who wants to reform his jock side. It’s like every other menswear dude, who was maybe a bro in college and sort of got into clothing, but now that slides are dope again, what you wore with white socks and slides is dope again too.

How would you put these together in a kit right now?

I probably wouldn’t wear them to a sixth grade playground, to avoid any sort of emotional scars being reopened, but it’s the type of thing you could wear with a white t-shirt and anything from Stan Smiths to a Jordan. It goes really well with sneakers, and I have a shit-ton of sneakers, so there’s probably nothing I couldn’t wear them with.