Capsule Best In Show: Gregory Zamfotis

July 22, 2014 BY ALEX DELANY


Capsule Best In Show: is a series where our friends, who just so happen to be prominent multi-disciplinary players in the menswear industry, give us the scoop on what they believe to be the best piece at Capsule Spring/Summer 2015, how they’d style it and why they need it in their wardrobes.

Gregory Zamfotis – Owner, Gregory’s Coffee

Han Lightweight Windbreaker

If you're into coffee and in New York City, then you probably know of our friend Greg's coffee shops, Gregory's Coffee. Aside from serving some incredibly good drinks and eats, Greg is deep into the clothes game, exhibiting a versatile and unique personal style. He was impressed by Han's showing at Capsule NYC and went with one of their lightweight pieces of outerwear for his best in show pick:

WATM: Greg, what initially drew you this piece? Any cool details?

GZ: I’m really into the colors and the blocking here. It texturizes the jacket without actually having any textured weave, and the sheen to the jacket is really special. The zippers are kind of different, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen zippers like this before, so I liked that detail a lot.

How would you pull of this jacket?

It seems like a piece that’s really casual and easy, but different at the same time. It’s pretty versatile, so I could fit this into any kit. I could do a white t-shirt and denim, black jeans and a button-up, I could even put it over a lighter sport coat.

So this could be in heavy rotation in your wardrobe?

It’s got a lot going on, but at the same time, it’s very understated and versatile. I’d definitely pick this piece up for sure when it hits stores next spring.