July 01, 2014 BY CAPSULE

Dori Tomcsanyi will definitely be in the house for Capsule's Berlin show presenting her Resort 15 collection. We chatted with the Hungarian-born designer about her latest work, snacks and the appeal of 70s chic no whatever what year it is. Check it out!


Who are you?

Dori Tomcsanyi and the name of the brand is *dori tomcsanyi*

Tell us about your SS15 Resort Collection...

Sustainable, recycled, slow-fashion – these stylish and noble ideas are defining *dori tomcsanyi* 's 2015 Resort collection both on the material and intellectual level.

Recycling and plastic bags are the main inspiration; to be continued later on as part of the next spring-summer collection, with a more elaborated and wider selection. The thought of slow-fashion and a more conscious attitude towards our environment is reappearing not only with the digital pastel paints printed on the finest silks, but also as the main idea for the shapes and silhouettes.


What about the key pieces?

The wide and special range of rich textures and fabrics are taking us back a couple of decades. We are making some striking silk prints, which are more and more becoming a signature for *dori tomcsanyi*. Also in the mix are texturized neoprene fabrics in toothpaste and dark grey shades, as well as soft, striped cotton fabrics in a typically retro coral-peach color-pairing. It reminds us of the ice creams of our childhood.

Vintage bomber jackets with contrasting cuffs, coral-toned scuba dresses and striped mini skirts were definite must-haves in the '70s, as much as they are in 2015.


What are you excited to eat in Berlin?!

Since quality street food became an absolutely dominant thing in my home town, Budapest, I tend to look for similar places in other countries as well. I think we can be really proud of our burger, pasta, bagel, pho places, and last but not least, our craft breweries, so I can really feel myself home in the similar scene in Berlin, while always finding something new in the Street Food Market in Kreuzberg. I really like tapas, so of course Bar Raval can never be left out when we're in town. For burgers we usually head to The Bird and we always pay a visit to Monsieur Vuong for a perfect pho.

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