Capsule at New York Fashion Week Men's

July 08, 2015 BY LUKE ALLARD

Hey, have you heard? Capsule is taking part in the very first NY Fashion Week dedicated to menswear, produced by the CFDA.

Capsule has gathered seven of its notable participants from around the world, to offer a collective vision of what is moving the market right now. Each brand will present selections from its S/S 2016 collections, that will be on view in their entirety at Capsule’s upcoming New York men’s show on July 20th at Basketball City.



UK-based design duo Wouter and Amber bring their love of tasteful, stylistic elegance and combined experiences at some of the most prestigious European luxury houses to their passion project, the directional premium label Baartmans and Siegel. This collection is inspired by a push-pull relationship between grounded realism and optimism and features signature brand elements of both functionality and indulgent luxury. @baartmanssiegel



Launched as a fashion/art/music project last year by Bradley Soileau, Blackfist represents an emerging fashion scene out of Los Angeles that captures a new version of the renegade and DIY spirit that has long lived at the heart of American streetwear. Volume two of his hyper-personal Blackfist project is presented here for S/S 2016, called “Hurts So Good.” Soileau drew inspiration from an 80's thrash skate scene and added vibes from indie Troma films like the Toxic Avenger series. @blackfistlabel



Launched in 2007 by Stefano Ughetti, CAMO is an artisanal menswear label that seeks to modernize menswear while paying homage to the small and traditional workshops in Italy where the line is wholly produced. Ughetti remains planted in his hometown of Biella and aims to manufacture as much of his progressive line as close to home as possible. This season, he was inspired by a more oversized silhouette, comfortable volume and modernity via lightness and simplicity. @camobystefanoughetti



Born in Malmo and operating out of London, CMMN SWDN is a brand that redefines progressive and luxurious streetwear with a collection inspired by youth subcultures across elevated basics with progressive silhouettes. Partners Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund debuted the line in 2012 and were inspired for S/S 2016 by fashion’s blurred lines of art and commerce. The collection called “Genuine Fake,” distorts proportions and utilizes reworked and reimagined graphic elements. @cmmn_swdn



Seattle-based design partners Nin Truong and Christa Thomas have approached Maiden Noir as a creative endeavor and story telling vehicle since launching it ten years ago. The casual, elevated menswear label has grown and matured since those early days, but production standards (all sourcing and manufacturing out of Japan) and the line’s considered thoughtfulness has remained supremely in tact. S/S 2016 titled “Remember Remember” is inspired by memories of other people’s memories, notably a friends’ series of photographs from a trip to the Actic Desert of Iceland. @maidennoir



Designer Matthew Miller is quick to deny he’s an artist but his poetic, eponymous collection, that offers up clothing with a dose of social commentary and exquisite artistry to be suspended in this cultural moment would lead you to believe otherwise. On the surface his designs scream “cool guy” utilitarian but further investigation reveals a highly sophisticated and universal look for the future now. @millerdesigns



Los Angeles-based partners Ant Franco, Joshua Willis and Jacob Willis served time as creative and design directors for many a brand before launching Second/Layer in 2012. At the forefront of a non-gender aesthetic, the brand draws inspiration from Cali subcultures like low-rider, surf and punk and a hyper-directional cannon that includes Rei, Yohji, Issey and Jil among others. @secondlayer_us