(capsule) Artist: Micah Lidberg


Words by Minya Quirk

Name: Micah Lidberg

Age: 27

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Currently live in: Kansas City, MO

Favorite clothing brands: Acne Studios, Lacoste, A.P.C., Marc by Marc Jacobs

Web Address:

A snapshot of your life as an artist—childhood memories, schooling, etc. How did you arrive at the place you are now?

I grew up drawing and playing out in nature. I never really had any idea what I'd do for a living. Around 20, I realized I should get a formal education in art. I went to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and then studied at the University of Brighton, England. After that, I left school and started freelancing. About a year later, the agency Hugo & Marie approached me and I've been with them ever since.

Describe the work you're most well known for:

I do a lot of intricate, hand drawn line work and I love using rich and exotic color palettes. Most of my work centers around fantastic environments filled with lots of creatures and plants.

Describe the work you're most proud of:

I'm really proud of the work that I've been able to really dedicate some time to. I've done a handful of long, panoramic drawings that take months to complete. Some examples are my drawing Angry Cloud, and the book I did for Nobrow, Rise & Fall.

What kinds of tools do you use (specific pencils, ink, etc.)?

I use a couple of mechanical pencils, paper, and my computer. I like to keep things as simple as I can.

Analog vs. digital in your work, how do they work together, if at all?

Both! I draw everything by hand in black and white and then I bring it into the computer to color and occasionally compose things.

Describe your work space and the daily routine of your working life?

I live in an 111-year-old house, so the space has a lot of warmth to it. My studio is the front room overlooking the Downtown and Crossroad neighborhoods of Kansas City, so I get a strange mix of having the comfort of a house in the middle of the city. It's nice. Since I'm freelance, my schedule is never routine, but I'm always trying to make it a little more consistent.

You live in Kansas City—can you tell us a little bit about it and why it's important to your life as an artist, if so?

I grew up just outside of Kansas City, so it has always felt like home to me. I've lived in a bunch of other places—Minnesota, New Jersey, England . . . For now, Kansas City is ideal. It's a beautiful city and it's very easy going. It doesn't ask much from you so you're able to focus on whatever you want. That's really important for me. Without a lot of distractions or burdens, I can really delve into my interests.

Some things that are inspiring you right now:

I'm really into nature documentaries, industrial design, exercising, utopian architecture, and ancient archaeology at the moment.

Some thoughts on the pieces you did for (capsule)?

I wanted to make an image that reflected a bright and alive community. Something that celebrates diversity, creativity, and had the energy of summer—my favorite season!

Upcoming projects or exhibitions:

I have a collaboration with Lacoste L!VE that will be hitting stores this summer. I'm excited for that to launch. I've also wanted to work on some book projects for awhile and I think I'll finally be getting some time this year to start working on them.