February 06, 2018 BY CAPSULE

BY LAND + SEA is a contemporary sales and distribution agency based in Los Angeles specializing in apparel and footwear. Operated by Andie Verbance and Madison Green, by Land + Sea focuses on promoting female-owned companies from around the world with the intention to empower strong, independent business women.


A Fine Line

Founded in Los Angeles in 2011 A FINE LINE seamlessly blends California spirit with the edge of the city with easy to wear, tee shirt and sweat collections. Designer and founder Alisia Leibel discovered there is a fine line between ready to wear and loungewear, a missing link in her wardrobe, and A FINE LINE was born. She’s created a label that stays true to its brand identity through modernized basics with twists to classic shapes, infusions of graphics, while balancing a flawless transition from day to night. Ever evolving each season with collections rooted in comfort but full of edgy surprises that keep you walking that fine line. The carefully curated and thoughtfully designed collections have quickly gained a loyal following.



We love clothes and so do you, so we’re not so different. We’re the girl in the street who knows what she wants and can dress up or down based on the occasion. We don’t have an unlimited budget and don’t expect you to either. Together, with our partnering boutiques and clientele, we want every day to be special and know that a moment can be defined by anything and everything around us. Clothes are just one part of the interconnected lives we live, and we know the difference between a good day and a great day can be as simple as the colors we see, or the outfit we choose to wear. The Aoui story is still being told, unfolding moment by moment, happening all around us, in a journey we all take together. This is why we aspire to make garments that are high quality, versatile, modern, and affordable.



We’re all the same girl, whether grinding in the office or rip‘n margs on the beach. Barber is a brand
serious about babes not taking themselves too seriously. With 15 years in the fashion industry, Darcy has an innate talent for pulling the playfully visionary elements out of everyday life and crafting them into her
work. Each Barber collection is developed around a central theme (who doesn't love a theme party)
However, the most near n' dear to Darcy's heart is making recycling CHIC (AF). 15 Million tons of textile
waste is generated each year, and that number is rising daily. In addition, Synthetic fabrics take hundreds
of years to decompose. Gross, right!? Lets do something to help! 75% of Barber is UP-cycled product,
with just a little extra care and some kick-ass embellishment, Barber turns the forgotten into a brand new shiny masterpiece! The planet wins and so do you, SCORE! The Barber line doesn't happen without her trusted cadre of zero-fuss friends and family, NYC and her hometown Santa Cruz vibes.


Donna Mizani

A rising star in women’s fashion design, Donna Mizani is renowned for her signature “cut-out” dress designs. A native New Yorker, now based in Los Angeles, Mizani’s design aesthetic is ultra-feminine and focuses on celebrating the female physique. Mizani’s muse, much like the entrepreneurial designer herself, is confident, sexy, alluring, daring and bold.



Established in 1980, SENSO is an Australian Footwear Label originally founded by Husband and wife duo Scarlett and Kim Meller. Noticing a gap in the market for high quality yet affordable fashion footwear, the pair launched what is now one of Australia's most popular and iconic contemporary label. The Meller's three daughters have since joined the family business injecting a fresh, youthful confidence, attracting an entire new audience nurturing different aspects of the brand.This family run business is small and hard-working. It's continuous search for inspiration is reflected in their designs resulting in constant change from season to season.



Tach clothing is both simple and complex, with a strong timeless appeal. They take inspiration from the delicacy of vintage clothing and look to make it fresh again. Every piece is carefully thought and locally made in Uruguay, in a fair trade environment.


The Horse

The Horse is a curated collection of leather lifestyle goods, owned and operated by husband and wife Scott and Amy Hawkes in their studio in Sydney, Australia. Together with a small team, they create classic, go-to pieces designed to be agelessly refined. Their design philosophy centers around magnifying what is essential and editing out excess, "buying once, and buying well” and we’re always seeking to refine and expand our collection.


Third Form

Catering for the urban environment since its launch in 2014, THIRD FORM offers a curated balance between modern sophistication, refined fabrications and a celebration of the female form. Merryn Kelly's design approach, which sees an obsessive play between structure, shape and textures, caters for the urban woman in search of a creative yet alluring and sophisticated wardrobe. The Third Form girl is a creative, feminine, city-centric one who is not afraid of taking risks and pushing boundaries. She has her own personality and seeks ways of expressing herself through considered pieces. Designer Merryn Kelly’s garments offer versatility throughout the day, carrying the wearer effortlessly from day to night whilst maintaining their refreshing “cool girl” factor.

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