Brunello Cucinelli Spring/Summer 2015

July 15, 2014 BY ALEX DELANY


Brunello Cucinelli and his business model have been called many things, including outrageous, genius, inventive, godly and financially devastating but there is no word that comes closer to the truth than masterful. Cucinelli has weaved an aesthetic that is unmistakably his, highlighted with soft shoulders, incredible fabrics, slim cuts, and versatile color ways. It is this aesthetic that has made him the master of Italian casual tailoring. Menswear addicts across the globe know that when someone is wearing Cucinelli shit has gotten serious, respect is to be given.

The images recently released for Brunello Cucinelli's Spring/Summer 2015 collection celebrate the brand's casually tailored mastery. With the traveling gentleman in mind, this collection is filled with versatile pieces in neutral colors. The presence of vests, in brown fabrics including nylon and suede and anchored by an array of navy shirts and knits, brings the casual luxury collection right back to the patented Cucinelli aesthetic. With pieces ending up on both sides of the business/sportswear spectrum, this collection can be flipped a variety of ways. However, the dude wearing this stuff to the airport sure as hell won't be placing flip-flops in the TSA security screening bin.