Shopkeeper: Brookes Boswell of Shop Boswell, Portland, OR

May 30, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Brookes Boswell truly is a woman of many hats. She moved to New York in 2008 to pursue a career in architecture, during which time she began an apprenticeship with a longtime milliner. Soon after she decided to ditch architecture and stay in the millinery industry. She started her eponymous hat line in 2012. Fast forward to 2016 and she now has her own Portland shop, appropriately named Shop Boswell. The space doubles as her studio, where she’s been working since March, but the retail portion of it opened just this month. In addition to her hat collection, she stocks a plethora of like-minded lines, such as Carol Callahan, Nikki Cashin, Samantha Pleet, Jujumade, Soul Sunday, and No. Ceramics. “I really love everyone that I’m working with,” said Brookes. “I know most of the designers personally and already own some of their work, which gives me a personal connection to their pieces. Others are new to me, but everyone’s lines are so interesting, unique, and most of all, well made.” Shop Boswell is located in a more industrial area of Portland, but it’s filled with character and charm. “I’ve always admired this block of SE Morrison Street,” she said. “I’m in an old building with big, old-fashioned storefront windows. It’s not a fancy neighborhood and it isn’t necessarily known as a shopping district. But that will change with time, I think.” Here are Brookes’ top spots for coffee, wine, happy hour, and all the other good stuff around her neighborhood. -- Sydney Pfaff

Shop Boswell, 729 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR

Coava Coffee Roasters
It’s a beautiful space, with super-professional and first rate coffee—arguably the best in Portland. Saying that will surely cause a controversy, because Portlanders are serious about their coffee.
1300 SE Grand Ave, Portland

Una, Milk Milk Lemonade & Johan
These are three really great boutiques in the neighborhood. We’re all so different from each other and I always recommend that my customers check them out.
Una, 922 SE Ankeny St, Portland
Milk Milk Lemonade, 1407 SE Belmont St, Portland
Johan, 1907 SE 12th Ave, Portland

Oso Market and Bar
For a glass of wine with lunch.
726 SE Grand Ave, Portland

Cozy happy hour with a cocktail and wood fired appetizers.
726 SE 6th Ave, Portland

Commons Brewery
Their tasting room is my favorite evening spot. Drinking some good micro-brewed beer while in the NW is essential. They have a diverse selection of beer styles and there’s a cheesemonger set up in the tasting room.
630 SE Belmont St, Portland