November 05, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

brigadesmall1.jpgDoes it pain you to pay full price for fashion? Especially since you work in the business? Well, now we've scored you a cool discount! Visit to buy some of the most coveted brands on the market for men and women. And now, just because you're reading this post, you can score 15% off your first purchase and 10% for every purchase afterwards. The Corpus Mandarin Collar sweater, the Nom de Guerre cardigan, and Rag & Bone straight leg jeans are now officially yours at a discount!  Use the code "newrecruit" when you check out your first purchase for 15% off, and  the code "Themarket" will get you 10% off anytime. And, the folks at Brigade promise to have 20% promotions every other month or so, so make sure you sign up for the mailing list as well!