October 11, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

la_fashionweeks08_ci.jpgLA Fashion Week begins tomorrow and if you’ve never been to to fashion shows in LA, believe us, you’re not missing a thing. And now, even more interesting news. Adam Tschorn at the LA Times reports: After 10 seasons of trying to make the marriage work, Culver City-based Smashbox Studios confirmed earlier-reported rumors that its partnership with events producer IMG would end after the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios that kicks off Sunday. Though an IMG spokesman would not comment on the two groups parting ways beyond stating IMG remained “100% committed to the current event,” Davis Factor, who co-owns Smashbox with his brother Dean, confirmed the news in an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Times. “We’ve been together in the L.A. market for five years,” Factor said. “My opinion is that they just didn’t have the time to dedicate toward cultivating this event on a year-round basis. Nothing against [IMG], but I think that New York is their big focus and it’s difficult with everything they have going on all over the world. It would be hard for them to do L.A. on the level they do New York. My brother and I can.”