Brands to Watch: Kolor Showroom

January 26, 2017 BY CAPSULE

Kolor Showroom is an incubation hour. They've recognized that despite globalization, many talented designers and fashion houses went unnoticed internationally in the white noise of the fashion industry. Kolor Showroom was established to support unique, progressive brands rise above the chaos. Based in the greater New York area, Kolor Showroom launches global collections to the American market.



2nd SWBD

The second line of Sewing Boundaries, strives to enhance the natural beauty of women by making creating comfortable and beautiful garments. “Sewing Boundaries” reference connection in both name, and clothing. The differences between -- between genders, ages, etc. -- are erased with a unified design vision.




Cahiers, or memo in French, is the fabric equivalent of a brainstorm -- rife with creativity and possibilities. The Cahiers woman is a discerning shopper looking for pieces as sophisticated as she is. The label delights in the details by sourcing raw materials, and creating exclusive patterns. Cahiers suggests feminine & luxurious sensibility through elegant silhouette and delicate detail to match the modern lifestyle.



J Apostrophe

Designers and sisters, Ji-seonand Ji-yeon, were born in Korea and traveled to NYC and Milan, respectively, to follow their passions for the industry. Their shared dream of creating a cutting-edge brand came to fruition with their luxe line of knitwear and bags. Ji-seon focuses on apparel with simple, yet modern designs, and Ji-yeon creates accessories with inspiring details. J Apostrophe's collection aims to bring harmony by collaging and mixing contradicting elements. The main concept of this collection is to bring out harmony, normally unexpected from a mix and match of elements that usually do not go well with one another.



Just Jinny

Just Jinny eased onto the design scene with the type of nonchalant luxury that makes perfect sense in every setting, and wardrobe. The accessories line has shoppers covered from day -- like leather laceups and furry flats -- to evening -- sparkly stacked heels, anyone? And, totes and satchels in cool tones like cement, slate and blush, make add-on to any ensemble. Just Jinny is the ultimate embodiment of the lifestyle for women who know how to appreciate the value of true luxury.



Pure Cashmere

It’s no secret that New Yorkers frantically move through the paces of their days, often on autopilot. In observing this citified approach to life, Pure Cashmere, sought to introduce the slow style style that can add a bit of luxury on even the busiest of days. Pure Cashmere launched in 2007 as a premium cashmere brand based in New York City. Spun from 100% cashmere, Pure Cashmere coats, sweaters, and scarves offer premium quality, luxurious color, and sophisticated style at an affordable price.




High-end streetwear brand, Youser, launched in 2011 and continues to stick to the few foundational beliefs that have propelled international success -- communication with customers and clothing, reconstruction of classic form, and harmony of contrary things. Internally examining concepts like deconstruction and reconstruction, naturalism and artificiality, and futurism and tradition, adds a unique dimension to each collection. The unisex line delivers handmade quality products at an accessible price point.

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