January 14, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS


When it comes to top tier denim, emphasis on craftsmanship, authenticity and innovation is always high priority. There’s definitely a unique consumer out there who looks for jeans that are handcrafted, and made from highly specialized denim. Gilded Age is one of the most innovative brands in the market, incorporating antique production values, specialized materials , and finishing techniques.

Gilded Age is named for the late 19th century era in America when many Americans, like the Carnegies got richer and richer, while many more citizens toiled at the poverty level. The industrial age was in full swing and New England emerged as a leader in textile manufacturing, making denim for factory workers, and developing innovative indigo dyeing techniques.

Today, Gilded Age the denim brand, designed by Stefan Miljanich, takes inspiration from the craftsmanship of this era. Every product is carefully handcrafted utilizing old machinery and methods of construction, which gives them a unique age-old look and natural feel as well as imperfect and weathered appearance.




The designers still use some of the oldest machinery that is still used in industrial production as well as some of the oldest natural dyes known to man. Volcanic mud dye, parchment, natural charcoal, tea, logwood, Japanese Alder and natural indigo are some of the dyes used at Gilded Age.  Narrow- loom Japanese denim features unique selvage treatments, as well as hand abrasion and finishing. With all this attention to authentic detail, the denim is not inexpensive. An average retail price hovers around $500 a pair.

Gilded Age sweaters are hand knitted with some of the finest Mongolian cashmere yarns and are known for their compact, tight knitting and softness. The process of hand knitting is time consuming, slower and more labor intensive then all machine knitting methods used today. It takes a lot of highly skilled hands to do this artisanal work. Tees, non denim pants, woven shirts and outerwear round out the collection and a women's line is in the works.