BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Highsnobiety Under The Radar SS18

July 06, 2017 BY CAPSULE

Eight Highsnobiety “Under the Radar” brands are here serving up #ThatNewNow with their SS18 collections at our Capsule New York Men's.

See what all the buzz is about.


Mod one

Designed in Denmark and developed in Estonia, Mod one embodies contemporary and modern silhouettes with references to Mod, the British subculture known for clean living under difficult circumstances. With an uncompromising attention to the sourcing of materials and unique textile combinations, each collection results in quality pieces, thriving through its ultimate attention to detail. The thought behind Mod one is to make beautifully crafted products that will stand the test of time, by specializing in blending traditional cuts with our own designed shapes, making each piece unique.



OPENISM is a clothing label based out of Los Angeles and Dubai, designed by southern California native, Ibrahim Mimou. The inspiration behind their clothing comes from the intersection of city life and its surroundings: where canyons meet residences, and where gravelly roads and alleyways meet the ocean. What is created in this merging, this linking of nature and human industry, is a kind of ambiguity—spaces emerge that allow for inclusiveness, collaboration. The driving principle behind their designs is that the individual brings their own meanings to the clothing; the outfit complements their character.



Pawaka is a new eyewear label conceptualized by Indonesian designer, model, actress and environmental activist, Fahrani Empel (Fa’). Paying homage to Fa's native land, all styles are named in numerical order of the Bahasa Indonesia Language. The synergetic effect of combining Fa’s design aesthetic and acclaimed insight into pop culture, with the craftsmanship of the finest European artisans; is a true reflection of the past, present and future.


Preston Douglas

Preston Douglas is a luxury clothing and lifestyle brand based in Houston, Texas that draws inspiration from street wear and high-end fashion while aiming to blur the lines between the two markets. Preston comes from the meaning "priest-like" and Douglas comes from the meaning "of a dark stream". The combination of these two words encapsulates the designer's creative process of taking darkness and turning it into light.



Secluded riffs off the streetwear culture rife in their hometown of Amsterdam to produce easy-going staples, specializing in old school fabrics such as velour and corduroy. The latest collection, “Seal Scroll”, takes inspiration from contemporary Japanese aesthetics and the art of traditional Japanese methods of craftsmanship.



StayCoolNYC is a Retro Inspired Chillwear Brand. “Chillwear” Is a Category of clothing that we are introducing into the streetwear market. Chillwear combines 3 categories of clothing. Surfwear, Skatewear, and streetwear. Chillwear is meant to be worn wherever and whenever. All of our products contain a cool and laid back vibe to them which is meant to put the customer in a relaxed and calm state of mind.


Sundae School

Sundae School is a seoul-based smokewear brand that produces smoking apparel and accessories to accompany your higher education. The brand launched their first collection, Chapter 1: Genesis, which interprets the story as old as time in "high" fashion, inspired from the streets of Seoulin on 4/20/17 in New York. Sundae School will preview their second collection, Chapter 2: When Tigers Used to Smoke, at Capsule! This second collection recounts traditional Korean folklore through the lens of western youth culture.

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