BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Highsnobiety Under The Radar AW18

January 11, 2018 BY CAPSULE

Seven Highsnobiety “Under the Radar” brands are here serving up #ThatNewNow with their AW18 collections at our Capsule New York Men's.

See what all the buzz is about.



A.DAN challenges the concept of design and redefines the boundaries of a bag. Classic and familiar bag silhouettes are reworked into luxurious statement designs that are exclusive to the brand. With a focus on versatility, designs are made aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Combining modern day practices and traditional techniques, all products are hand made in-house to stringent quality. To further elevate the designs, the finest vegetable tanned leather is paired with quality hardware. Every A.DAN design is made for you to hold on to now and in the years to come. Designed and Hand Made in Singapore.



Federico was born in Cesena, on the west coast of Italy, in 1994. He has always been a child with a thousand passions: whenever he painted a picture he was already thinking about what I could do again, even before finishing it; he had no peace. His course of studies was a bit complicated. He wanted to do a thousand things and he attended art school. While in high school he thought he will become an interior designer, then an hairdresser, but the obsession for aesthetics and especially for fashion became more and more intense, so he decided to graduate in Fashion Design at Polimoda. Studying he realized that this business was my life and, right now, he cannot do anything else. "Waking up in the morning, knowing that you can design and create something new and especially having the opportunity to express myself dressing the people with my emotions is very rewarding."


GFT - Bronze Winner

GFT is a fashion label founded by Forrest Raznick and Ranier Page in 2015. Mixing vivid post-modern prints with street-wear inspired garments. Premium choice materials are used in every collection carefully balanced by exclusive trims and hardware sourced from around the planet. Always one step ahead of the proverbial fashion curve, GFT brings an abstract edge to luxury ready-to-wear garments.



Idle/idō draws inspirations from Japanese world views centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. An aesthethic sense of equilibrium between stillness and motion. Tailored streetwear designed for citizens of the world.


JACOB KANE Gold Winner

Jacob Kane is a British designer from Northern England. A welcomed antidote to a slightly crowded London fashion scene, every collection from Jacob Kane’s Manchester studio has been refreshing, immaculately conceived into a lookbook, and of course, totally wearable too. The label’s debut collection, titled “Unite or Perish,” shows an amalgamation of the designer’s interests” including photography, the rise of political tensions from Brexit, Northern art exhibitions, and old issues of ’90s counter-cultural tome, The Face.



Inspired by post-hardcore and emo culture, LA-based ROSE IN GOOD FAITH channels elements of millennial nostalgia, fused with high-octane color ways, and a contemporary flare for the dramatic. This streetwear upstart helmed by designers Akiva Alpert and David Teitelbaum is all about updating the everyday unisex staples you know and love with touches of personal inspiration. Everything is produced in limited runs and, according to the brand, its wares are “handcrafted to perfection”.



Birthed from day to day thoughts and inclinations of the creative mind. XYLK isn't about the brand name, it's about pushing a focused concept. XYLK and it's products are the tangible personifications of his imagination. No egos, fun, and unique is what you can expect from XYLK.

Even in today’s climate of seemingly progressive social norms and attitudes, labels still surround us. People are often assigned these labels by the rest of the world based on the stereotypes around them. These labels put people in a box, and while some willingly accept the space that they’ve been confined to, others challenge them.

With his line of retro car inspired T-shirts, Toronto creative Xylk Lorena is doing just that.

For Xylk, it began with a copy of Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Drive magazine. In it, he discovered a page of cars with minimal text discussing the models with statements like, “Much like the Golf and the S13, overhyped and not very good looking. Most owners are idiots, and they wish they had an STI.” The pretentious, superior tone that appeared in the zine inspired Xylk to turn the notion of a typical “car guy” on its head.

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