BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Graf Lantz x Earth Day 2017

April 21, 2017 BY NEWS

Graf Lantz isn’t one for following trends, the LA-based design studio and factory is setting them. Each item is made stateside, with a simple core of good design and strong values. Graf Lantz reinterprets traditional materials into modern, minimalist men's & women's bags, home, and small accessories, and it can be discovered at Capsule NY, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Designers Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz are exploring the intersection between fashion and sustainability, to rave reviews. We decided to present them for our Earth Day 2017 special.


Of the duo, Holger is more practical, based on his German engineering background. In Holger’s mind, parts of a bag design come together in ways that make a bag stronger, vertically. Holger tends to allow form to follow mechanics. Partner, Daniel, works backward on designs that are born from impressions and amorphous ideas. It starts with a shape, or the way a particular textile slumps in on its own weight, and that feel gets worked into a design by letting a the textile speak for itself, and inform the final silhouette.


Originally sustainability was a narrow idea for Graf Lantz, as sustaining the line was the immediate priority. The whole reason that the company started producing in the first place was a dissatisfaction with how other LA factories handled materials, from cutting to stitching, all on top of all the bad workmanship. Vertical companies like Graf Lantz must consider efficiencies in materials and methods as they affect every other part of the company’s bottom line. It wasn’t until later that the company realized what sustainability meant in the bigger sense. Since, they’ve been able to incorporate practices already in place, like efficiency with resources and waste reduction, into the materials and design plan, which prioritizes natural materials such as our pure vegetable leather, felts and cottons. Pairing old textiles with modern applications was an interest from the beginning. In the case of felt, it's always been about seeing how the world’s oldest textile fits modern life and aesthetics and it’s what the brand has become known for.


The upcoming “Just Act Natural” line for SS17 is a hot ticket items, all about using natural cotton and leather, and letting their natural beauty shine through. The collection’s ruggedness speaks to the spirit of a summer well-spent.