Garmentory presents at Capsule New York Women's SS18

September 07, 2017 BY CAPSULE

Garmentory is an online platform for shopping and discovery dedicated to supporting indie curators and creators. 450+ boutiques and 3,000+ designers, from their racks to your closet. Garmentory has really become a community of boutiques/designers/shoppers/creative, and to illustrate that they are featuring a few of their favorite people in New York City for a few bonus features at the gallery this season: vintage cash + carry from boutique Duo, custom totes by six up-and-coming illustrators and custom painted denim from Still Here (Sunday and Monday).

The exclusive gallery for SS18 features emerging designers and creatives handpicked by co-founder Adele Tetangco....


Ajaie Alaie

Ajaie Alaie is all about mindfulness and reminding women to be mindful with their daily thoughts and actions. Each garment has an amulet on the inside of the garment at a specific energy point (a chakra), represented by a design detail, a knot, twist, dart etc... Ajaie Alaie believes keeping these energy points balanced is instrumental for our well-being and success. Each garment is a reminder to feel proud of accomplishments, to love unconditionally, feel secure, grounded, and feel safe. With simple philosophies behind it, the amulet serves as a visual reminder to begin the day with such positive intentions. Inspiration is drawn by movement, dance, energy and comfort. Poems, readings, feelings, emotions and artists. Visuals, experimentation, and mistakes.


Alexa Stark

Alexa Stark clothing is a reflection of the complex age we live in, creatively balancing the practical and the spectacle in women’s design. The brand seeks to unify form, function and material, using processes and production methods that recognize the importance of sustainability and healthy work standards. The Alexa Stark label, designed in-house, is produced by the Portland Garment Factory in Portland, Oregon. They are practice minimal waste production, all left over fabric is re-purposed in salvage denim designs, recycled at local fabric recycling bins, or absorbed into the creative explorations of other artists.


Audrey Louise Reynolds

Audrey Louise Reynolds uses right and left-brained instincts to create her dyes. All-natural ingredients, foraged and sourced from daily life, travels, and unexpected encounters. Everything from minerals, seaweed, squid ink, coral, shells, plankton, flowers, earth, can find its way into her boiling pot. But it's not a willy-nilly pinch-o-this-dash-o-that tizzy. No, it's science-based hypothesis that leads to trial and error experimentation, that leads to a give and take, adding and extracting and cooking and recording and sweating, to make these dyes and perfect these techniques. Yes, there's a free-form style she incorporates into any individual product, but it's only through a thorough examination of her material and its intended use that she's able to set the parameters for color. Each piece is hand-made and unique.



BY FAR is the Bulgarian shoe brand founded in 2016 by twins Valentina and Sabina, and their best friend Dents. The brand’s name was derived from the names of the founders’ three little boys, who are, naturally, by far their greatest source of pride. Today, BY FAR’s founders live between Australia and Europe. Amidst their constant travels, the trio are impassioned by the potential of today’s Eastern European youth and their mutual quest for the perfect pair of shoes.



Desiree Klein is a German designer who relocated from Berlin to LA. Her original studies in product design continue to inform her clothes in a way that is subtle and sophisticated. Her current line is womenswear with some pieces doubling as unisex items. She makes timeless, detailed pieces, that are simple to wear, yet complex and smart in their structure and aesthetic.



DOUCEMENT is anindependent textile art and design studio in brooklyn, founded in 2016. The brand produces textile objects that blur the line between minimalist art and decadent creature comfort. Textural creations are made by hand in new york city from beautiful natural fibers and radiant plastics, with the perspective that the artificial should be treated as luxurious and rare. inspired by the love of being home, creating serene moments for the senses, and the magic and spirituality of the tangible world.



DUO NYC features an edited selection of vintage and modern independent designers. Co-founders and sisters, Wendy and LaRae Kangas focus on gender neutral womenswear and handpick go-to wardrobe staples concentrating on natural fibers and modern silhouettes. Located in the East Village in New York City since 2008.


House of 950

House of 950 is an independent designer lifestyle brand that focuses on the reaction between the clothing and the person, awkward beauty, is actively charming, and explores comfort and ease within austerity and simplicity. The House does not have a fixed inspiration and instead designs each collection as an evolving series, allowing designers to explore within their own world and aesthetic. The House is a metaphor for our own lives, not just focusing on clothing, but the purpose behind it and what it means to create.


Julie Thevenot

Artist and designer Julie Thevenot launched her eponymous line of avant-garde, playful accessories and decorative objects in 2012. Following an MFA from the National Superior School of Decorative Arts, Thevenot left Paris for New York City in 2005, feeling an immediate kinship with her new environment in its ”always-on” functionality and supportive, albeit competitive, energy. Thevenot’s artistic training is heavily factored into her experimental, research-based work process, opening herself to boundless sources of inspiration that help maintain a jubilant, playful avant-garde, and distinctive sensibility. In 2005, the self-taught designer launched a clothing collection that, though short-lived, instigates and informs the work she currently produces today. The resulting aesthetic and shapes of her jewelry and decorative objects collection summons an unexpected symmetry and is wholly reflective of the free-spirited and spontaneous qualities of discovery.



Kordal is a womenswear brand rooted in ethical manufacturing and sustainable sourcing. We
aim to create distinctive, long-lasting garments and accessories that support local and artisanal
production and inspire creativity.


Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum is an apparel label designed and produced in Portland, Oregon. The line brings an artful approach to quotidian wear and gives a conceptual voice to sophisticated yet easy-going apparel. Their made-to-order apparel brings form and function to focus through an emphasis on natural, sculptural silhouettes guided by ethics in sustainability and quality. Designer, Shea Christner, has a BFA in textiles from Savannah College of Art & Design located in Savannah, Georgia. Her training in traditional techniques and processes with fibers propelled her into a career in fashion design. With sustainability being a factor Shea could not ignore in the textile industry, conscious sourcing became the center of her design ethos throughout her studies. She focused her thesis around conscious sourcing for wearables, and since has built the OAM label around the slow fashion movement- conscious consumerism of sustainable, long-lasting, effortless fashion.


S. K. Manor Hill

s.k. manor hill’s designs are inspired by vintage garments and classic silhouettes from around the world. Conscientious construction and attention to detail are key in each piece of apparel. All items are made in New York City of 100% natural fiber fabrics sourced from Europe and Japan. s.k. manor hill creates clothing for those who have a deep appreciation of meticulous craftsmanship, timeless design, and long lasting quality.


Sunja Link

Canadian designer, Sunja Link, began her eponymous collection is 2012. The line is carried throughout her home country, as well as top US boutiques. Her ethical line of swim and ready-to-wear a made from sustainable materials, sourced from fashion capitals of France, Japan and Italy, An unwavering attention to detail and sophisticated execution, make the brand an elevated take on everyday dressing.


The General Public

Midwest-raised designer, Allison Reaves, makes at the cross-section of her grounded Montana values, and an appreciation for what is yet to be discovered. In keeping with this balance, she makes easy, wearable pieces that make sense for just about any woman’s wardrobe. In this honest space of synchronizing contrasts, perfection finds its awkwardness, harmony its spontaneity, and the individual, its community.


The Common Knowledge

The Common Knowledge creates complex forms in a minimalist manner suitable for everyday use. The brand just released their raw leather bags in different shapes and now include a Celestial Sisters Scarf with every purchase of any leather bag through their site!


Young Frankk,

Christine Young created multidisciplinary creative studio, Young Frankk in 2012, as a place to experiment with creative concepts and modern jewelry. The assortment shows a curatorial eye in beautiful things. Top-notch boutiques with a flair for design aesthetic, including Concrete + Water, Poketo and Reformation are among the many getting behind the Young Frankk movement.

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September 16 - 18

Pier 94

711 12th Ave, 10019, NYC