BRAND PROFILE: Fiber & Fellow

January 06, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS


Sophistication and attitude, two words that often don’t go hand in hand, is the perfect description of new menswear brand: Fiber & Fellow. Their clean and tailored lines have an edgy twist, something making them unique in the menswear market right now. Check out the Q& A with Fiber & Fellow creator, Jayson Santos, after the jump.







Posted by Alexandra Ben-Gurion




How was Fiber & Fellow started?
Fiber & Fellow started by chance. My career started as a graphic designer where 
I graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I have been in the design
industry for about 8 years and I met my partners from working in the industry
together. We've talked about the idea of launching a collection 1 1/2 years ago and
eventually we decided that it was the right time to move forward.
 What is your inspiration for the collection?
 I've been fortunate to have traveled the world. The inspiration for the Fall 08
collection comes from my travel experiences along with my California surroundings.
The concept was to work with all these elements and to integrate the vibes of each
area into the F08 collection. By incorporating the casualness of California, the
sophistication of the east coast and the modern silhouettes from the European
markets. The result - an easy to wear, edgy, clean collection with streamlined items
that focus on details and fabrication. Classic pieces with a twist.
 What are your favorite trends in menswear right now?
 The industry has definitely cleaned up. I've been drawn to the cleaner, simpler,
modern movements in the industry.  Combining the forwardness of streetwear with
tailored classics has also been a movement that I think will continue to grow. 
 What sets you apart from other menswear designers?
 With a background in graphic design and also coming from the trims industry, I
have been able to incorporate my detail sensibilities toward the collection. The
collection features details that do not overwhelm the garments but still delivers a
contemporary edge.  Simple is more. Every piece incorporates subtle details that
give Fiber & Fellow a voice in a competitive industry. In addition to the attention
to details, we will be offering modest price points without sacrificing the quality
of our fabrication.
What are your best sellers? Or anticipated best sellers?
We anticipate that our best sellers will be our tops. Specifically speaking our
wovens, knits, jerseys and outerwear.
 Where will you be sold?
 For sales inquires please contact:
 USA West Coast / International Sales
Standard Showroom
Huy Dang
Alex Rotundo
USA East Coast Sales
Re:Change Showroom
Patrick Goodspeed
 What are your future plans for Fiber & Fellow?
Our future plans at Fiber & Fellow is to slowly grow our company and to place the
collection in respected boutiques and majors. As we move forward, we also plan on
launching a womens and childrens collection to Fiber & Fellow.