September 15, 2015 BY CAPSULE

For Los Angeles based jeweler Cindy Boudov, gems have been a part of her story for as long as she can remember. Her mother’s dear friend, Renata, a woman of travel and adventure, would bring back treasures from her trips - diamonds and topaz, citrine and the like. As a child, she was mesmerized by the beauty of these stones, and this early introduction birthed a love of travel and adventure in Cindy, as well as a love of gems.

As a student at UC San Diego, while working at William Pitt Jewelers, Cindy was encouraged to deepen her knowledge of these precious stones and to study gemology.She quit her job in fine jewelry sales and did just that. After graduating top of her class at GIA and becoming certified, she moved to New York, then San Francisco, continuing her work with gems and certification laboratories, all the while fostering her passion for jewelry and gems and what would soon become Boudov Designs.

For Cindy, the process of creating is healing. She works primarily with Rustic Diamonds, which for her, and many others, hold a special raw beauty. Boudov Designs hand-selects each stone with the belief that the customer deserves to own something unique, "something that speaks of them - we each see beauty from our own eyes from and from our own perspective, we each choose to express ourselves in our own way. I want to make things for women who want to celebrate and express beauty in their own personal way".

Check out Boudov this week at Capsule Show Women's New York September 17th-19th.