Booze is the New Black

October 01, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS



Slam x has noted that: our industry has recently seen the birth of a new fad. Fine liquor and alcohol companies are taking a page from our cultural handbook and exploring the vast opportunities of cross marketing. Belvedere caused a black bottle obsession in every Los Angeles night club with help from Flaunt and renowned graffiti artist Andre. The results brought his signature character to life (literally in some instances) and made Belevdere the nightly drink of choice. Now Tanqueray is calling on Jeremy Scott to liven up their already refined, tasty beverage into something swooned over in higher circles. Incorporating Scott’s signature “allover” aesthetic, the packaging is wall papered with what Jeremy Scott thought was appropriate – olives and martini glasses. The exterior is very reserved, all black with Scott’s signature for accent. Tanqueray holds up their end of the bargain keeping the drinks well known attributes. Quadruple-distilled 94.6 proof offering, made from fresh botanics. (slamxhype)