Book Club

October 15, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Say what you want about print media—just don't say it's dead!

For generations, books have educated, informed, inspired and revolutionized the world we live in, and the people who live in it. To some, a book is the great-grandfather to the internet; a clunky object that creaks when you open it, revealing cobwebs between pages and words written in Old English. Maybe that's true, but, aren't grandfathers usually wise, and generally awesome!? Yes!

Old people rule, and so do the books below; offering archetypical examples of the people, places, and objects that make living fun and unique. If you need some style inspirations, or want to escape the boring and mundane, check out the books below.

Paul Newman, A Life In Pictures

Edited by: Yann-Brice Dherbier & Pierre-Henri Verlhac

Way before Paul Newman lived on our supermarket shelves with his eponymous salad dressing, he was serving up hearty doses of effortless style. Employing casual elegance in everything he did. Newman had the ability to dress for any occasion, making him a founding member of the fraternal order of #menswear. A Life In Pictures, exquisitely illustrates the many facets of Newman's life and the experiences that inform his style and and taste in clothing. From being rejected as a Navy Pilot because of color blindness, to winning an academy award and finishing 2nd in the oldest car race in the world, 24 hours of Le Mans,Paul Newman has seen it all, and looked impeccable doing it.

100 Years Of Menswear

By: Cally Blackman

100 Years of Menswear is just that—a pictorial case study of the last 100 years of men's clothing, highlighting major trends, influences and designers as the reader takes a visual history lesson. The author, Cally Blackman is a design instructor at Central Saint Martins College in London. The last 100 years have seen global conflicts, economic crashes, and the rise of the internet and globalization. This 300 page history book, chronicles the peaks and valleys of men's clothing; showing how the past informs the future. The only constant is change.

Tools, Real Stuff For Future Classics

By: Kodansha

We all have at least one item in our daily arsenal that helps make life easier and hopefully more efficient. Tools, Real Stuff For Future Classics is a product thesaurus of sorts; a guide book offering a well curated list of everyday items that are made with character and thoughtfulness—products of quality that will last, and make your daily routine a little more special. If you need a gift for the person in your life that has everything, chances are this book has you covered.

My Freedamn! 10

By: Rin Tanaka

Rin Tanaka is a vintage enthusiast, on a constant hunt for classic American clothes that have helped define our cultural history. Tanaka has published a multitude of books; each meticulously curated, featuring individuals whose style and fashion sensibilities were often marginalized by the communities they lived in. His newest release, MY Freedamn! 10 is the final edition in the series. The book chronicles late 70's and mid 80's styles and clothes, highlighting the cultural capital these once, "on the fringe pieces" now have. 353 pages of vintage concert T's, Dr. Martins, vests covered in patches and classic Mod suits fill the pages. This book is all about expression, highlighting how truly individual fashion and style is, and the ability to demonstrate power, strength and unity through the clothing you wear.

Words by Nicholas Milo