Checking Out The Bond Showroom, LA

January 07, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Bond Showroom is a sales agency that specializes in women’s young designer and advanced contemporary brands. Founded in 2011 by Pepper Bozung and Bobby Sankary, two industry veterans, with years of experience at fashion companies including Findings, Opening Ceremony, and Focus Showroom, the showroom is headquartered at the Cooper Design Space in downtown LA, and co-locates at Medium Concepts showroom in New York.


Selecting the brands that are represented at the showroom is a very personal endeavor for the two founders. “We both have such strong interpretations of what we feel is important in the market and wanted to work with brands we personally believed in. As a result, we created Bond to hold the space for our ideas as well as it being the natural progression in our careers,” says Bozung.

Beginning in AW16, Bond Showroom will be partnering with Medium Concepts showroom, concentrating their strengths to grow their respective businesses. The two showrooms will also be collaborating on specific projects, including Suzie Winkle, Paris.


For AW16, Bozung believes that trans-seasonal looks will be strong sellers. “I feel it is more important than ever for fashion to offer dressing that can take on the unpredictable weather we have been experiencing. That said, I am a huge fan of color and the layering of color so I look forward to seeing how designers will use unexpected hues to parlay this notion into AW16.”


"I say this humbly, but I am very pleased by what we’ve built in the past 5 years as I feel that we’ve managed to stay true to our personal aesthetics and continue to offer a unique experience to our many partners," Bozung says.

Stop by Bond Showroom at Capsule Las Vegas and Capsule New York Women’s and check out collections by Objects Without Meaning, The Lady & the Sailor, Cynjin, Treasures, AYNI and Suzie Winkle.


Bond Showroom, 860 S Los Angeles St # 635, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Brands include: Objects Without Meaning, The Lady & the Sailor, Cynjin, Treasures, AYNI and Suzie Winkle