Blowout in the Bronx

October 30, 2015 BY CAPSULE

It was a hipster, industry, cool kid, finance guy, art biz, pretty girl mash up at an abandoned warehouse on the shore of the Harlem River in the South Bronx last night. A ton of people trooped up to the highly anticipated mega party and installation by Lucien Smith called “Macabre Suite,” that, “reflected on the universality of death.” Felt pretty lively to us. Thanks to what was surely a hefty production budget from the coffers of co-hosts real estate mogul Keith Rubenstein and art dealer Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn, the warehouse was turned into some sort of muslin-draped scene out of an 80’s movie. Smith’s pile of scrap metal cars riddled with bullet holes along with a series of new paintings also filled the space. There was an experimental dance performance of sorts and music curated by the Know Wave family. Gigi Hadid, Lyor Cohen, Baz Luhrman, and Naomi Campbell all chilled alongside the homies (hi, Paloma Elsesser, Chandler Kennedy, Aaron Bondaroff, Heron Preston, Bradley Carbone, Angelo Baque, Simonez Wolf, Diego Moscosco, Arthur Soleimanpour, and so on). Food trucks and a plethora of bars (a key make or break party element) kept everyone lubricated. Travis Scott took the stage in the main room and said, “I don’t even know who’s party this is,” but did his best to turn it up. What this means for the newly dubbed, gentrification-ripe “Piano District” (ok, dude, it’s Mott Haven) north of Manhattan we don’t know. But damn, we love a good party.

Photography BFA