Cool bags, and now furniture, by BLK PINE

July 31, 2015 BY CAPSULE

One of the most commonly asked questions to us fashion people by non-fashion people goes a little something like this: “I really need a cool bag. What should I get?” Yeah guys, you know who you are. Look no further than BLK PINE, the creative workshop based in Seattle, founded in 2009 by Nin Truong and Christa Thomas. Clean, durable, elegant and efficient — BLK PINE are the bags you’ll carry forever. This season we’re really loving the range of furniture and home goods that Nin and Christa are turning out. Benches, chairs, planters and more, utilizing canvas, ebony-hued wood and forward-thinking but not kooky design. It’s form meets function (and fashion); what’s not to love about that? Now you know.

Check out BLK Pine at Capsule Las Vegas, August 17-19