Bergen, Norway City Guide: Kai Bosh Eyewear

November 25, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

Bergen Norway might just be Europe's most underrated city; filled with charm, this seaside escape is everything you would want for a week away. We chatted with Iben Bergstrøm of Kai Bosh to learn more about the do-not-miss spots in Bergen. Read on and plan your next getaway!

blingsom_ossutsideYour favorite place to have lunch in your city: I love to get together with my friends and have Sunday brunch on Nobel Bopel, a small and charming cafè with a retro vibe at Møhlenpris. Make sure to show up early, their brunch is very popular.

jpegBest dinner spot: That has to be Lysverket, run by Fredrik Saroea from Datarock and his friends. They designed the place beautifully, and it has such a cozy but yet exclusive vibe. We also like to head out for some after work drinks here, and eat some devil eggs or a delicious cheese plate.

jpeg-1Your favorite place to have drinks in your town: Ujevnt is a gem of a brown pub, and they serve the best drinks you will find in Bergen, but you can also choose from their impressive selection of beers.

klosterhagen_hotell_exteriorWhats the nicest hotel to stay at? Klosterhagen hotell is a little boutique hotel situated in the centre of Bergen, and the perfect place to stay. What makes this hotel even more unique, is their employees. Klosterhagen employs people who need rehabilitation to get back into society.

afp000534863-BLJoVq_jGRWhat is your city's best tourist attraction? I would say that Bergen has one of the best music scenes in Europe, and you should definitely attend a concert or two whilst spending time here. Apart from attending concerts, a brisk walk to Ulriken (the highest of our seven city-mountains) really captures the norwegian spirit. All Bergenites consider regular hiking as a mandatory activity (Non-natives find it kind of curious when the whole town is migrating to the mountains on sundays), and the view from the top is majestic.

Best kept secret in town? Nordnes sjøbad. If you can locate the hole in the fence, you'll have this outdoors public pool all to yourself during the summer. Remember to bring drinks.