Being Conscious with Veja

August 15, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


Yesterday we showed you Centre Commercial's footwear collection straight from the Amazon, and today we're sharing the perfect complement to the Amazonian oxford and boot collection - the Veja SS14 collection.

Parisian based brand Veja was founded in 2004 and has since produced trainers, bags and other accessories that draw influences from the principles of economic, social and environmental development. Like Centre Commercial shoes, Veja is environmentally conscious with production in several locations in Brazil.

The canvas of the sneakers are made of organic cotton grown in Ceará, the North of Brazil, where pesticides and chemicals are banned. Veja also has rubber soles from rubber trees that grow wild in the Amazon, and are made with leathers that are tanned with acacia extracts. Buying Amazonian rubber from local rubber tappers fight deforestation (tappers become less tempted by the financial opportunities of land-clearing) and the natural leather tanning reduces water pollution.

In South Brazil, trainers are assembled in a factory that holds workers' rights in the highest regard. From there, they are shipped to Paris and handled by Atelier Sans Frontière, a company stimulating the job market by employing those that have been out of the job force for an extended period of time.

For SS14, Veja created a collection of sneakers perfect for a seaside outfit. The washed out and summery collection consist of canvas and leather sneakers and accessories in several colors and prints. The most notable print is the "Cumbuco" print inspired by a Hawaiian shirt from the 1950s with a Brazilian twist that will be available in Navy, Bellini Pink, and Vanilla. Our eyes are on the Luc Jacquet collaboration sneaker in commemoration of the release of his new film Once Upon a Forest.

Veja is doing their part for the world, so do your part for your wardrobe. Spice things up with a few pairs of Veja sneakers coming soon.

Veja will be at Capsule Vegas this Monday and Tuesday.

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