Behind the Scenes at Gant by MB

February 22, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Our partner, goes behind the scenes at the Gant by Michael Bastian show

We spoke to Stefan Campbell about how it all came together. “The reason we are showing at Exit Art is because I wanted to bring all of Michael’s worlds together. I used the nightclub Area from the 80’s as inspiration. The models will be interacting with the guests. Michael loves this idea of lucky charms, passing luck on to others. The models will be giving out lucky coins and the card attached to each coin will have a code on it that guests can log onto the site and see what they have won. We are keeping it fun!”

Stefan told us that the collection is based on three types personality types Bastian became friends with in college and so this is reflecting that time in his life. He told me, “ There is the prep which I have situated in the center almost like a snow globe box. We also have Mod area and a Boxing ring!” And for the music? “Michael and I put together this soundtrack and we wanted music from 1949 to present (Gant was founded in 1949). The well known model Jonathan Marquez is D.J.‘ing for for all to see so it really is like a party atmosphere.”

We spoke to the designer about how this all came about. “I went to Babson College in Wellesley and there was a real Mod revival going on that I totally fell into. I never was a boxer but it inspired the sportier side of the collection.”

We asked him what he was most proud of this season. “The women’s! I don’t talk so much about ‘her’ even though we have had women’s for four seasons. She started out as the Gant girlfriend and now she is the cool young girl who lives in the city, does her own thing and I am loving her. I am really loving this womens raincoat that has a black and white shaggy faux fur on one side and is a raincoat on the other. So you can be a freak with the fury side out or be sleek with the raincoat!”

Before the show we ran backstage to hear from the talent team. Martin Christopher explained the hair, “It’s inspired by 80’s cinema, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club but with a little twist of the 60’s. There are three different segments, Punk/Boxer and Mod and alot of it is just texture, soft textures for the girls. For the boys its really gelled sides and tops are pompadoured out. We arent overthinking the look people!” Martin always has it under control.

Renato Almeida continued the 80‘s/60s theme with half moon shaped eyeshadow but in neon for a clear 80‘s reference. The men are just groomed with a touch of bronzer.

We haven’t heard who got the lucky coin with the best shwag attached but we wish it had been been us!