Behind The Piece: Norse Projects Hak Suede Bomber

July 14, 2014 BY ALEX DELANY


Behind The Piece is a series where we explore the inspiration and story behind a noteworthy piece of clothing in a contemporary menswear label’s upcoming collection. We’re bringing you the complete breakdown behind the design and creation of some truly incredible garments, as told by their designers.

Norse Projects: Hak Suede Bomber

A suede bomber is one of the most solid pieces of casual outerwear a dude can rock in the transitional seasons. With the bomber’s roots as a historically military garment, the application of a suede outer changes the original nature of the jacket, and Norse Projects has taken it to a completely different level with this navy suede bomber from their Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

However, this isn’t your typical suede. We asked designer Thomas Høedholt to fill us in on the story behind the origin of the navy suede used for the bomber:

“This season we worked with a small Scandinavian tannery to make the jacket from a soft Reindeer suede. There are more than 200,000 reindeer living in the north of Finland, the reindeer husbandry area covers about 36% of Finland’s total area, and the reindeer graze freely regardless of land ownership. Most of the animals are raised by very traditional means in the far north, using skills passed down from generations and influenced by the traditional Sami way of life. The animals are raised for their meat and provide an ecologically sustainable livelihood for those living in the harsh conditions of Northern Scandinavia.”

Reindeer suede. Is there a more appropriate material for a Northern European brand to use in a piece of outerwear? No, there is not, and as a result, this bomber is filled with the heritage and tradition of its native land. The jacket is finished with a lighter blue collar and cuffs, as well as perfectly sized and placed vertical pockets, leaving you with a highly versatile and comfortable piece to throw on over your oxford shirt and chinos.