Axis Spotlight: Jayne Min

June 08, 2016 BY CAPSULE


The New Jock speaks with Jayne Min, known for her impeccable style, and the blogger behind Stop It Right Now. They've shared this excerpt from their conversation with WeAreTheMarket.

TNJ: Hi Jayne, what are you up to these days?
JM: It’s so hard to answer what I do for a living now. After having had a career as one set profession (designer), it’s been hard to acclimate to being a “slashie.” I’m currently a creative consultant, stylist, and shoot producer.

TNJ: What did you do prior to starting STOP IT RIGHT NOW?
JM: I was an apparel designer in the action sports (skateboarding) and streetwear industries.

TNJ: What made you decide to leave your full-time job as a designer?
JM: The more I advanced in my career, the more hats I started wearing – concept, design, marketing strategies, lookbook production and styling. I started to enjoy the whole process versus being confined to one task. Plus, I had been doing the full-time corporate grind for eight years straight and had fantasized about freelance life for long enough. It was time.

TNJ: Do you think there is a different mindset to designing active/sports apparel as opposed to “high fashion?”
JM: For me there are two main differences between the kind of design I did and “high fashion.” One, designing for a specific market (and ultimately someone else’s company) is a challenge in that you’re catering to an already existing aesthetic. You’re never free to do exactly what you want, there are always sales to answer to. Second, I designed active menswear, which is worlds different from “high fashion.” With “high fashion” the sky’s the limit. You can get wild with your imagination. With menswear, a shirt is a shirt is a shirt at the end of the day, and even further with active/sports, you’re also not using luxury fabrics or complicated techniques.

TNJ: What do you make of the influx of new fitness brands, and the crossover of sportswear into high-fashion?
JM: I have mixed feelings about crossover stuff. On one hand I miss the concept of dressing for different functions – work, dinner, formalwear, fitness – but then it’s also become so simple to just wear one thing throughout the day. One thing’s for certain, I don’t like leggings as pants or sports jerseys to dinner.

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