December 12, 2017 BY CAPSULE

Capsule is happy to announce that after many seasons away from the center of the city’s fashion-related action, it will bring its men’s show back to the Marais district of Paris where it began more than 10 years ago. This edition of Capsule Paris Men’s marks a return to Capsule’s roots as a the premiere destination for a tightly curated assemblage of progressive brands from around the world.

Join us for the A/W 2018 Paris Men's show on January 19 - 21 at Espace Morin. Independent, original and classically chic revealing numerous brands with updated styles all joining in one place to show variations of work that are all luxurious and uniquely crafted. We look forward to seeing you very soon!



The founders of BEAU HOMME, George Bunker and Justin Mansfield, met one another in the workrooms of the London College of Fashion. Since their initial meeting, the pair has worked in tandem to investigate garment construction and to establish a distinctive, contemporary menswear aesthetic. The two entered the fashion domain in a circuitous manner.



Inspired by the tradition and craftsmanship of Roanne, a French village known for its long heritage in knitwear production, Alix Briffaud launched Cabane in 2012 with the goal of creating high end knitwear made exclusively in France.



Los Angeles based contemporary menswear house focusing on a luxurious and unique take on familiar styles. The collection title comes from a line the designer’s, Wesley Wheeler’s favorite Jimi Hendrix song, where he talks about his loneliness and how there's nothing left to meet him but the "velvet moon". Wheeler was listening to that song while coming up the original pieces in the collection. "This collection was a direct extension of me. See the world through my eyes when you look at my designs. Be ready for more, this is only the beginning."



Japan-made Seveskig is a collection centered on leather fused with architectural design and precise tailoring. The brand will soon launch it's first collaboration with household bike company, Kawasaki, creating a design hybrid of fashion and sport powerhouses.



SOL-SOL is a South African menswear label making good quality basics with a focus on fit, fabric and design. They walk the line between menswear and streetwear blending clean silhouettes with muted color tones. And a combination of bold prints with subtle details. They recently launched a collaboration with Levi's.



Syndicate Original was founded in time when Ukraine did not have its own street style. Through experimenting with design and technology, they've created their own, unique street wear. Despite the being developed and sewn exclusively in Ukraine, Syndicate Original has been successfully represented by European, American and Japanese retailers, and sold across 30 countries.



Founded in 2007, Dutch menswear fashion label offers a complete range modern wardrobe essentials. Crafted in Europe, made by the finest materials. Combining classically refined sophistication with playful recklessness. Deliberate imperfections across the collections line of fitted shirts, to hand finished knits and tailored blazers: the offbeat yet functional designs, vibrant detailing and contrasting themes. For the grown-up bon vivant who always remained his boyish outlook on life




Founded in 2009, Used Future aims to refine the menswear by combining youth culture with bold aesthetic. With Classic and vintage characteristics at its base, clothes are made of unique designs and materials, fresh color senses and modest silhouettes are added to make anyone feel comfortable in.



Independent French lifestyle label based in Paris crafts limited edition contemporary clothing and objects. Founded in 2004, balances conscious fabrication with a playful attitude. Drawing inspiration from popular and intellectual culture and the love of contemporary French art. Using 100% organic cotton to produce sustainable beautiful crafted pieces and hand-crafted objects by skilled French artisans.



Wons Mous is a unisex accessory brand which based in Istanbul and has been producing various leather products since 2014, to fill the space between high-end and street styles, to redefine the common sense of leather as a material, to make a refined solution, to keep the balance out and in. Premium leathers are used for all of the products in their collections and their primary concern is always simplicity. Wons Mous has a diverse range of leather goods including card holders, keyrings, coin purses, coin boxes and clutches, backpacks and leather cruisers & skateboards.

Visit us at Capsule Paris Men's and REGISTER here!

Friday - Sunday January 19 - 21

10 AM - 6 PM (except Sunday at 4 PM)

Espace Morin

14, rue du Vertbois, PARIS 75003 (Marais)