AW18 New York Women's Preview

February 08, 2018 BY CAPSULE

Join us for our S/S 2018 New York women's ready-to-wear and accessories show. In true style, expect this roster of brands to deliver the coolest in independent design. Expect an eclectic mix of fine jewelry, unique denim wear and luxury accessories. See you soon...

You won't want to miss these brands at Capsule New York Women's ready-to-wear & accessories - there's still time to REGISTER here!



Everything in Bagtazo's collections are made in limited editions and are hand-finished, or entirely handmade in the designer's studio in NYC, designed by Courtney Cady (Coco for short). Bagtazo is a family surname from the Philippines, selected in homage to Coco's Grandmother, a woman who walks the line between tradition and modernity, which is the core ethos behind Bagtazo's designs. Bagtazo is made in part by manufacturers in New York City, California, and the Mid-Atlantic. Except for the berets, which of course, are made in France.



To design the product of the future they had to look back into archives of ideas, and delve into forgotten futures. In Bibliothèque, innovative design is fused with traditional craftsmanship, creating a rustic minimalism. The materials are engineered but feel crafted and natural, giving tomorrow’s objects a sense of warmth. Pared back silhouettes, freed them from distraction and focus on what is important. Materials that will be besides us in the future, will be the ones they care. Not just for a season but for a lifetime.


Chelsea and walker

The Chelsea and Walker woman is effortlessly chic with a European sensibility and embraces both her femininity and masculinity in style. She is confident, strong, and not defined by the norm. Chelsea and Walker is for those not searching to fit a mold. Using fine silks, intricate detailing and flattering silhouettes, our focus is creating from inspiration. They understand that each piece within a collection is interpreted differently by those that wear it and we design to give each piece the versatility and luxury it needs to stand on its own. Breaking the boundaries of contemporary fashion, we strive to offer our wearers the subtle balance between the expected and unexpected, while also disrupting the need to define today's modern woman into one dimension.


Felicite Apparel

Happiness, Felicite is a lifestyle brand originating with soft easy wear shirting, which has now expanded into a full collection of Must Have pieces for each season. Felicite Apparel strives to bring the consumer the highest quality garments at the best value. Venay's journey in fashion started 15 years ago in New York in the heart of the fashion industry working in ready to wear fashion. Her experience in launching over 30 ready-to-wear brands over the span of her career enabled and inspired her to create her own collection. Her vision: a full line born of enduring quality, allowing you to feel your best while looking it, too. And Felicite was born. Felicite is a brand that not only stands for comfort and style, but also social and environmental consciousness.


Flaca Jewelry

Flaca Jewelry is a sophisticated, playful, wearable jewelry line that exudes feminine beauty and independence. Featured in national and international publications such as Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, Real Simple and many more, Flaca Jewelry was named one of the best new designers to know in 2015 and the only jewelry company in FORBES 30 under 30 for 2017. Shepsman combines her years of jewelry bench training with a degree in fine arts from Cornell University to bring her designs to life. Flaca Jewelry is handmade in NY by craftspeople who understand quality in design and fabrication. Using expert artistry and craftsmanship to blend elements of modern and antique design, Flaca Jewelry has a distinct and covetable aesthetic in each new collection, epitomizing timeless chic with a contemporary edge.



Jakke is a Cruelty Free fashion brand specialising in sumptuous Faux Fur.



What if you could support an entire community by wearing clothes that you love? That's what they asked themselves when they started Pamut. They measure their success based on the positive impact they make. Their all-purpose line of tees, tops, shorts, and dresses are made entirely in the great state of North Carolina through a completely transparent supply chain. Each of their organic tees is printed with a design inspired by the positive impact that sustainable fashion can make. While many brands are moving towards synthetic fibers that contribute to microfiber pollution, they aim to revive the natural fiber movement by creating ridiculously soft, long-lasting cotton clothing that you can't help but love.



REVIE, architecturally designed footwear for the metropolitan woman. Designer Katie Revie utilises her architectural training to create clean timeless designs that can be carried from season to season. Geometric design details, traditional construction techniques and supple leathers intersect to produce beautiful and luxurious houses for your feet. Designed in New Zealand and made in Portugal.


Rike International

NaNa-NaNa's such originality in perspective and idea have been attracting and inspiring many artists and labels. Its collection continues to expand beyond the original line, creating collaboration collections with many creative artists and labels.


River City Leather

Their retail store is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains on the banks of the mighty Ohio River. Under one roof, along with River City Leather, they have B&E Shoe Service , a full scale shoe repair and custom leather shop, and River City Manufacturing, a small to large scale leather manufacturing company.


Rocky Rafaela

Rocky Rafaela does leather differently. They've transformed the iconic biker jacket into a show-stopping investment piece that'll make the woman who wears it stand out in a crowd. The slick, sharp lines and structure are softened with an elegant eye for feminine detail. Each piece explores the dualities of strength and vulnerability, of masculinity and femininity. Rocky Rafaela gives every woman a chance to reveal a signature flair that honors both her physical and mental strength. The range includes experimental twists on classic styles that are both urban and elegant. Dress them up for graceful evenings, or down for an off-duty model look.


Root Foot

Rootfoot oils are thoughtfully crafted pure plant fragrances and organic & wild crafted essential oils that connect us to plants and the Earth. The women-owned brand exists to bring reverence to the natural world in the context of contemporary ritual. Their products are high-grade/ high-vibrational tools for healing, transformation, and conciousness that support the vitality of the planet through sustainable eco projects and conscious agriculture.


Shaman Furs

Sea otter fur is historically prized as one of the rarest furs in the world. In 1968, Neiman-Marcus purchased four pelts at $2,300 apiece. After a history of foreign exploitation, Alaska Native tribal groups now have exclusive rights to hunt for and work with the fur. Because of traditional Native hunting practices and conservation efforts, Alaska sea otter is no longer listed as an endangered species. The luxuriously warm, soft and durable fur contains up to one million hairs per square inch, making it the densest in the World. Shaman Furs is the first label to bring seal and sea otter fur back into American high fashion since the 1970's.


Swarang Designs

Swarang designs weaves the genius of indigenous art, perfectly entwined with the contemporary sensibilities of design and craftsmanship. A modern Indian tale is one that romances a myriad of hues, is a treasure trove of memories and an eclectic collection of individualistic identities. Resonating this essence, the word 'Swarang' literally translates into Your own Colours.


Sweet Prima

Sweet Prima is a leather fashion line started by Brittany White in 2013 that is dedicated to women creating a life on their terms. Their tagline is a LIFESTYLE REDEFINED. Their vision is to create a lifestyle with lambskin leather garments for the everyday girl. They use lambskin leather because its not buffed or sanded and all imperfections in leather are used to create garment. Sweet Prima is creating a life that incorporates all aspect of her life good, bad, and neutral.



Vagabond Shoemakers philosophy is dedication, craft and the love for a great looking pair of shoes. Each collection is about everyday fashion with a lot of attention paid to the silhouette, sustainable quality and the details that count.

You won't want to miss these brands at Capsule New York Women's ready-to-wear & accessories - there's still time to REGISTER here!

February 24 - 26

Pier 94

711 12th Ave, 10019, NYC