February 20, 2014 BY C A S H M E R E I N L O V E

Future classics is the Fall 14’s leitmotif. Inspired by the patterns from 15th century “Iznik” potteries, an Ottoman town established as a center for the production of meticulously designed high quality earthenware, the collection melds the concepts of East and West, tradition, modernity, and contemporaneity; translated as signature clean-cut shapes, geometrical lines, ornate pieces embellished with beads, contrasting color intarsia, layered woven and knitwear to create an entirely distinct visual expression of luxury and elegance.

The juxtaposition of hip intarsia patterns inspired by Iznik, crystalline shaped beads and layering of geometrically cut see-through silk panels on knits stand out in the collection.Use of color contrasting intarsia has a very pop yet elegant mood that is reminiscent of art deco era.

Fabric experimentation of unique cashmere, wool and silk blends while keeping super lightweight feel of cashmere gives the clothes a real third dimension by placing emphasis on the movement and feel of the clothes.

The color palette is distinctly enriched by dark shade of cobalt blue and the pastel shades of sage green, reflecting very characteristic of the 15th century Iznik patterns, with able assistance of startling combinations of navy, grey, black and off white. Bright colored tangerine and cobalt blue used in the details have an exuberant effect in which the clothes find a unique expression through such colorings.

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