AW14 London Collections: Men Day 2 Recap

January 08, 2014 BY OBI ANYANWU

Had your fill of the Day 1 shows at LC:M? Perfect, there's more menswear on the way. Here's our recap of Day 2, which includes some of London's new faves and a Capsule designer.


Photos from WWD

JW Anderson, who often openly flirts with womenswear in his menswear collections, designed a more tame collection that is less aggressive despite the feminine undertones. Those that lined up for Anderson's show got a treat that was inspired by King Louis XIV and other aristocrats. Anderson wanted to give the audience the feeling that they were looking at oil paintings of aristocrats, which fits his style seeing as how men's tailoring in the 17th century had a certain flair that matches his aesthetic.


Photos from WWD

Christopher Raeburn's collection looked tough enough to brave the mountains, the Poles, and even that Polar Vortex we went through. Raeburn was inspired by the arctic, and the result was an on-trend collection of technical outerwear and polar bear prints on knitwear that was a nice touch.


Photos from WWD

Hunter Gather had a rather moody, punk inspired collection that was to reference the DIY approach to fashion in the 80s. Not only were looks styled to appear edgy and rebellious like the underground punk bands of that era, but neon jackets were added to the mix to drive the retro feel of the collection home.


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Margaret Howell continued to perfect her aesthetic of polished tailoring and knitwear with a collection of menswear staples that hit the runway in dark grey, black, and navy hues.


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Acclaimed designer, Christopher Kane took his love for science to another level with the repeating theme of molecular structures throughout his collection. 2D and 3D illustrations of molecules liven the sporty pieces of his collection, while his knitwear took on 3D textured patterns of molecules and double helixes. Kane also amped up his tailored offering, which shows that his partnership with Kering will only help his business.


Photos from WWD

Like Kane, James Long also looked to science for his AW14 collection, specifically science fiction which resulted in a very futuristic collection. A multitude of quilted pieces went down the runway in differing patterns and color combinations, and were complimented by jogging pants and intricate, puzzle like sweater and outerwear patterns.


Photos from Fucking Young

Nicole Farhi consistently captures and combines refinement with a laid back energy. Farhi's collection was sharp without fuss much like menswear today.


Photos from Fucking Young

YMC aimed to reinvent the "track suit" in their collection that did not go far in the past for a reference stopping at the 20th century. The collection consisted of technical garments and 3/4 length trousers much like track suits of the past, but it exhibited modernity that best represented today's man.


Photos from Kit Neale's Tumblr

Capsule designer Kit Neale remained lighthearted for his AW14 collection that had even more prints than before. Neale's unique prints shows that if it ain't broke, don't fix it while his solid knitwear shows that he is not a one trick pony, and that he has many more tricks up his sleeve.


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Finally, RAKE had a stellar collection that showed that heritage is still alive and well and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Plaids were prevalent in this collection that began with tweed and wool tailoring fit for a stylish woodsman and hunter out on the field before seamlessly transitioning to looks complete with proper accessory detailing that would be expected of an off-duty gentleman hosting a dinner party.

Day 2 of LC:M was solid. Today, it all comes to a close. Don't sweat it, more menswear is on the way coming from Pitti, Milan, and Paris before we show you what's we have in store. Keep it locked for more recaps and news for fashion week.