Ask a retailer: Olga Karput, Kuznetsky Most 20, Moscow

September 02, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET


In our ongoing series, today we touch base with Olga Karput, owner of one of the most directional boutiques in Russia -- KM20.


WATM: What trends / looks will you be looking for for SS15 and why?

OK: The main trend I'm looking forward to is the new take on 1970s fashion. Designers started to explore this era in FW 2014 collections in a fresh way so I'm interested in how it will look like next summer too. It's curious to watch the metamorphoses of sportswear trend. I wonder if it will be that popular during SS 2015 season.

WATM: What are some of the brands you're most excited about seeing for next season?

OK: Of course, we always exited to have Ashish, Raf Simons, Meadham Kirchhoff, Simone Rocha, Marques'Almeida and some other brands which are essential for KM20. Among the new brands we're expecting for FW 2014 season are Hood by Air and Nasir Mazhar, our favorite guys from luxury streetwear clique. We would be happy to welcome emerging British talents Agi & Sam and Ryan Lo. Also can't wait to start work with Jacquemus and Kris Van Assche, present coloured fur by Charlotte Simone and Shrimps, and shoes by Eytys. Among Russian designers we put our eyes on are A.W.A.K.E. by Natalia Alawerdian, Nina Donis, Tigran Avetisyan, Vika Gazinskaya and Walk of Shame.


WATM: How's business? What’s selling now in your shop?

OK: It's quite challenging to run business in Russia but we're doing great. Among our FW 2014 best sellers are Christophe Lemaire, Raphaëlla Riboud, Olivia Von Halle and Manish Arora. Our proposition is truly unique here. We feel confident to continue and evolve this business in Russia.


WATM: Whats your favorite city for fashion and why?

OK: I really love London for it's impressing amount of young talented people in all the fields from fashion design to fashion pr. If you want to see what's up next you should visit exactly this city and feel its dynamic youthful spirit. I respect Paris for its great mix of historic luxury brands lead by the best designers of our age and forward-thinking commercial fashion. But my favorite fashion city is Moscow where beautiful things meet ugly, new meets old, and where you can really express yourself and be free, even in terms of fashion.