Ask a Normal: Rick Owens Moody Shroud with Short Sleeves

December 09, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL


As avid followers of fashion or members of the fashion industry, it's often easy to lose sight of the fact that labels and designers we wear without a second thought can seem extravagant, confusing or inaccessible to the average citizen. To help us gain a little perspective, we've created a regular series here on WATM called "Ask a Normal," in which we seek out people outside of the industry and ask them their unedited opinions on Fashion with a capital F.

Today, we're discussing the Rick Owens Fall 14 Moody Shroud in black with short sleeves. Our guest is Lauren, 28, an ad sales representative in Chicago.

WATM: What are your initial thoughts on this coat, right off the bat?

Lauren: Umm…garbage bag in Tokyo? Also, I think I gasped and said, "Oh God, that's so ugly."

How do you feel about a silk coat for winter?

Silk is a cold fabric, so it's really a strange choice for winter outerwear. If someone on the streets of Chicago saw me wearing that coat, they would probably give me a dollar because I'd look homeless and they would think I was wrapping myself in a hefty bag to stay warm. If I was lucky, maybe someone would give me a better coat from one of those donation bins they have around the city.

The designer is Rick Owens. Are you familiar with him?

No....but I feel like he might have had a popular hip hop song in the late 80's. Right?

Um, not that I know of… Anyhow, celebrities from A$AP Rocky to Taylor Swift have worn his designs. Could you imagine a celebrity wearing this coat well?If so, who?

Of course I can imagine a celebrity wearing this coat. Celebrities will do anything to stay relevant and trendy. Do you think Rick Owens made this coat as a celebrity fashion prank? He's just laughing his ass off at everyone who buys it. "Oh Taylor, got you again!" I feel like I could definitely see Lady Gaga or Bjork wearing this coat. Wait, is Bjork still alive?

Winters in Chicago are pretty brutal. What's your go-to winter coat? Do you think this could hold up for you?

Winters in Chicago are terrible.The Polar Vortex is no joke. I rock the classic white girl winter uniform: black, knee-length, puffy jacket with faux fur trimmed hood. Mine is a little jazzier (like my personality) with gold zipper accents and gold belt buckle. It's Michael Kors which I know is wayyy lame for people in the fashion world. Like when people from small towns think they are fancy by shopping at Macy's. I almost feel embarrassed that I told you it was Michael Kors. I do have to give props to Owen for the weird neck/ ear shield situation. It would be a great windbreaker for about 6 inches of my body. Neck to nose.

If you were to wear this coat, would you stand out in your neighborhood?

I would definitely stand out if I wore this coat in Chicago. I don't know what people would think? Definitely that I was foreign....also maybe that I was crazy? Ideally, people would think I was super artsy and they would be intimidated by my talent and vision. They also might think that I have a weird body deformity with very small, T-Rex like, arms.


Owens once told Harper's Bazaar that he "doesn't observe weekends or holidays." Does your attire change much from the week to the weekend - and if so, where would this fit in better?

Wow. I adamantly disagree with Owens on this one. Weekends are literally the only reason I get out of bed Monday to Friday.What an indie thing to say. His words, like his silk coat, are trying way too hard to be alternative. I work and live in a very casual environment so my outfits stay pretty much the same throughout the week and into the weekends. I do try to get fancy for dates, nights on the town, etc., but other than that, I'm pretty casual. This coat would be great for Halloween...if I wanted to go as Mulan from the future. That actually has potential...

Have you ever spent $5K+ on a single piece of clothing?

I have not spent $5K on a piece of clothing. I don't think I've spent $5K on anything...except maybe when I had to pay a broker's fee for my NYC apartment.

What would it take to get you to part with that kind of money for one coat?

You know, I would totally spend $5K on a really great leather jacket or a classic trench coat. One of those jackets that never goes out of style and you can wear it forever. Do you think Rick Owens could get behind that?

Maybe! Any parting thoughts?

This coat does nothing for the bust line.

If you don’t share Lauren’s opinion and want to get your hands on this coat, you can purchase it at Rick Owens here.