Ask a Normal: Givenchy Black Lace Pervert T-Shirt

April 13, 2015 BY STEVE DOOL


As avid followers of fashion or members of the fashion industry, it's often easy to lose sight of the fact that labels and designers we wear without a second thought can seem extravagant, confusing or inaccessible to the average citizen. To help us gain a little perspective, we've created a regular series here on WATM called "Ask a Normal," in which we seek out people outside of the industry and ask them their unedited opinions on Fashion with a capital F.

Today, we're discussing the Givenchy SS15 black lace "Pervert" t-shirt. Our guest is Martha, 30, a librarian in Chicago.

What is your initial reaction to seeing this shirt?

Lacy and racy.

The designer is named Riccardo Tisci, and he's been credited with revitalizing Givenchy for a new consumer. Are you familiar with either Tisci or Givenchy?

Both, and love both. Tisci is putting a little naughty into Givenchy.

What do you normally wear to work?

I get my corporate conservative fix with pencil thin pants or skirts with a blouse (sometimes with lace). I empower my wardrobe with a unique mix of color from lips to toe tips. Over-the-top shoes and accessories are a must.

Could you get away with wearing this shirt to work?

Our dress code is stated as "dress for your day." On certain days, I just don't want to advertise myself as a perv...even though in some way, we all are.

What if you paired it with a classy pair of slacks from Talbots?

I only have a belt (leopard print), believe it or not, from Talbots. But even with the extra conservative dress for success element, at my corporate job there is no way to win trust with this shirt.

Where could you potentially wear this shirt?

Maybe a sexy multi-course dinner at Schwa followed by an all night adventure in Logan Square or Ukrainian Village.

And what would you wear with it?

Well, I know in public "nothing" can't be the answer. So maybe jet black or muted gray jeans with, again, over-the-top shoes and accessories.

How do you feel in general about lace t-shirts?

Always embrace lace!

And lastly, if you could change the slogan on it to something else, what would that be?


If you, like Martha, are ready to embrace lace, you can find this shirt at for $1,725.