Danish Artisan Youth: A Chat With Jeppe Dencker of LeatherProjects

October 24, 2013 BY WATM

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“It just started out as a hobby. I made small things in leather in my old apartment,” says Jeppe Dencker of artisan brand LeatherProjects. Since then, things have changed.

“Now I seriously want to change the way consumers think about production. I want them to think about quality, materials, how things are made. But it’s quite the mission, obviously,” he laughs, as I’ve met him in the combined boutique and workshop the 25-year-old Dane has opened in the heart of Copenhagen.

Here he crafts leather goods by hand with wallets, custom-made belts, and iPad-cases being among his bestsellers; belts are made ready for costumers as they wait with a cup of coffee.

Dencker loves the olden days: just look at his suspenders, white shirts and oxfords for proof that the twenties and thirties are a serious inspiration. That might not be weird, seeing as his parents sell antiquities.

“My parents used to take me to all these markets, and I’ve always liked the craft in old furniture, in old things. I want that same quality in my own things,” says Dencker who is now learning how to make clothes by a strict, old lady in order to make “something I could wear myself”.

As for the future, Dencker wants growth – nationally and internationally. But it’s a balance for the young Dane, as he would “not in a million years” change the quality of his products. And so, for now he’s back to work in the solitude of his workshop. Bend over big hides, cutting, trimming, sewing it all together to keep up with demand.

Words by our Danish correspondent, Moussa Mchangama of DANSK Magazine