Art in Contradiction with Dzojchen

September 13, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


If you were to ask a "stylish" person to describe their personal style you would get a series of answers like - comfortable, versatile, chic, edgy, fun, mature, etc. Each characteristic describes a different type of style. For instance, comfortable would often imply dressing down in jeans and a sweatshirt. Mature would imply the opposite, that you dress up in a pant suit with complimentary accessories and heels perhaps. Chic, fun, versatile - they all paint a different picture, but it makes you wonder how the wearer connotates their minimal or grandiose style with each word that happen to contradict each other.

Fashion today is very erratic, but in a good way. The Internet allows for brands from all over the world to be seen, voices from all over the world to be heard, and style specific to certain regions to garner attention. Stylish individuals that are open to experimentation are offered more than their favorite magazine to help expand their fashion IQ, taste and personal style beyond what it once was - preppy, street, high fashion, etc. Today's woman has mixed high and low end pieces for decades, and now she is mixing aesthetics. Streetwear met high fashion long ago (if you need evidence, just check out the several NYFW Street Style photos) out of a result of ever-changing tastes and has long since created the new norm of women's style, one that you can describe with contradictory words like comfortable, versatile, chic edgy, fun, mature, etc.

Designer, Chelsea Scott-Blackhall captures every bit of women's fashion in her line, Dzojchen (pronounced Doh-jen). Scott-Blackhall, who is of Singapore and British descent, launched Dzojchen in 2009 specializing in leather and denim with an attention to fit, form and cut while experimenting with innovative washes, textures and finishes produced in London, Singapore, and Pakistan. The brand is influenced by practical and philosophical ideals from contrasting cultures of the Eastern and Western hemispheres. "Dzojchen is about paradox and duality," Scott-Blackhall explained. "Crafted with paradox embedded in it’s DNA, dualities within fabric, form and function are supported with innovative drafting techniques and signature detailing to create complimentary silhouettes and industry originals."


The brand's essence is individuality with the emphasis on -duality. The aesthetic is unique in how it is an amalgamation of multiple aesthetics from all over the world, finding a balance and harmony in what is considered contradictory. "It’s all in the attitude ~ Dzojchen loves to merge ‘statements’ with ‘practicality’," said Scott-Blackhall. "The wearer not only appreciates the foundation of the brand and its embrace of paradox and duality, but also the carefully constructed pieces which will carry them from season to season; with attention to detail, material, technique and the amalgam of high street and casual, we hold confidence that when someone owns a Dzojchen garment, they become ‘Dzojchen’."

Dzojchen SS14 is inspired by 'Spring in Death Valley'. The Spring in Death Valley is a time where the desert is full of surprises and contrasts on a beautiful landscape. Black sunburnt rocks meet seas of lichen, hardened beetles walk the parched earth alongside soft and vulnerable prey; the ecosystem is made up of organisms that rarely interact but are dependent on each other. "For our SS14 collection, we have added a myriad of new techniques such as leather foiling, laser cutting, printing as well as new cuts and washes for both the leather and denim statement pieces," Scott-Blackhall explained. "Using high-grade Italian calf leather made by the artists of Seoul Korea, Dzojchen has also included a range of footwear to compliment and complete the collection. Whilst Dzojchen’s successes have been with clean lines and masked colour palettes, for SS14, we have broken the mold, and brought to the table a whole new array of colour and texture and experimentation."


Scott-Blackhall is looking towards the future by constantly evolving with her brand Dzojchen. " Dzojchen is a brand that loves to immerse in new cultures and global offerings, the plan is to keep learning and evolving. Coming into new design collaborations, as well as brinking into new product development tapping into the best that each region has to offer. Our love for denim and leather stand strong, and we will simply keep reinventing the wheel knowing it will forever turn."

Fashion is cyclical. Though trends repeat and designs are rehashed for new audiences, it is always changing. What sets this period of time apart from previous decades is how we are closely tied to those in other countries. Scott-Blackhall references several countries for every design much like how fashion enthusiasts look to Paris street style for inspiration, as well as Milan, Japan and the Scandinavian countries. Her vision for Dzojchen is in sync with the demands of shoppers that look for brands that fit their ever-changing, worldy and at times contradictory style. Dzojchen is their answer, the perfect brand for every day living and the perfect evidence for their style that they describe as comfortable, versatile, chic, edgy, fun, and mature.

Dzojchen will be at Capsule New York Women's this Sunday through Tuesday at Basketball. Click a photo below to start the slideshow.

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