Arcadia: Samantha Pleet for Wolverine1K

September 11, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

Samantha Pleet, the lovely womenswear designer, partnered up with Wolverine1K this season to create a line of shoes. The line was debuted beautifully in Arcadia, a mystical video, which was shown at the launch party on Monday night. The party, located in the Wolverine flagship shop in the LES was filled with ladies in floral head dresses, DJ'ed by the beloved Tennessee Thomas, and catered by our favorite, Sips & Bites. The walls were adorned with delicate butterflies and props from the look book movie, while the shelves were filled with Pleet. While the entire shoe collection is amazing, we are especially digging the two-toned boots in various styles.

Check out the party scene, Pleet herself (gold leaf adorned), and then finally the video that everyone is buzzing about.


"“Arcadia” is a female explorer’s journey to a mythical island paradise. The narrative is inspired by stories from Darwin's journals written during his early voyages to the uncharted islands of Tiera del Fuego and the environment of the film explores themes of Arcadia, as brought to life by the paintings of Gauguin and Rousseau. The film is a dreamlike exploration of the universal quest for an ideal paradise that is only found through an open mind and a taste for adventure.

The mythical Arcadia of this film is more specifically a place of feminine healing and liberation, and the island's inhabitants embody an effortless connection with nature, magic, and the feminine divine that is exactly what our protagonist was in need of finding. On the island, she is liberated from the stiff, and proper way that was expected from her in the modern, conformist society from whence she came.

Arcadia has represented a sort of Eden to so many great artists and writers throughout history where free thought, peace, and sensual pleasure are the preferred currency." -- Samantha Pleet