Antipodium AW13

February 22, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Ever feel like you're being watched? Geoffery J. Finch, creative director of Antipodium, capitalized on that very feeling to build the roots of his AW13 collection. The constant state of being on display, also known as urban living, gets a sleek and textural uniform to call its own this season. Operating under the title of "SEX, LIES, & CCTV," the collection uses velvet, silk, mohair waffle, and faux pony fabrics awash in a blinding color palette of acid washes and neon tones to set the mood of watchful paranoia.

Karl Maeir of CRAIG & KARL gave the inspiration a more literal translation with his two bespoke prints that he created as part of an ongoing collaboration with Antipodium. He gave security cameras googly eyes in the darkly humorous "Candid Camera" print, and looked to a security guard's flickering video wall for the inspiration behind the "Double Take" print. The faces and bodies you'll find in each gritty screen print are images that pay homage to the classic '90s thriller, Basic Instinct.

Above all, the comment that the collection raises with its sexy, yet protective AW13 wear stays unsettled long after the last look left the runway. Do we really hate this overly public life we've grown accustomed to? In reality, we may very well enjoy this culture of always being watched.