An Interview With ace&jig

January 18, 2016 BY CAPSULE


ace&jig was launched in 2009 by friends Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, born as the result of a true and pure love of fabrics. Some friends obsess over boys or The Bachelor together; Cary and Jenna obsess over textiles, yarn-dye, and antique looms. Whether it be a dress made of French linen or a top inspired by Japanese boro-quilts, ace&jig is anchored around stripes as a timeless medium, and as a result, their designs are not only chic but also classic.

We asked the Brooklyn-based designers about their love of materials, their season-less approach, and source of their inspiration:


(c): ace&jig was born of a love to textiles. What characteristics do you think make a great fabric?

AJ: For us, a great fabric is as interesting in texture and color as it is in pattern. We love to experiment with different weights, with pops of neon or bits of metallic thread, or with very small to very wide repeats of a pattern or stripe. The woven medium allows for an infinite number of possibilities; our favorite fabrics are made with this in mind.

(c):Why did you choose to make the brand season-less?

AJ: We are decidedly slow fashion, and place an emphasis on not creating waste, so we set out from the beginning to create fabrics and styles that don't immediately become irrelevant when one season ends and another starts. We love seeing our fans and followers still wearing, loving, and seeking out styles from past seasons. We're both collectors and admirers of textiles and much-loved vintage clothing, so we wanted to create pieces that evoked that same sense of history and had that same ability to last.


(c): What are some of the most unusual places you have drawn inspiration from?

AJ: While much of our inspiration comes from our travels, and from found or collected textiles and scraps of cloth gathered over the years, we've also been known to find inspiration in weaving traditions like that of the Bauhaus weavers Gunta Stolzl and Anni Albers, or in artists like Wolfgang Laib, whose work emphasizes process, nature, and geometry. However, the most unusual and original inspiration usually comes from the creative artwork of our children.

(c): How would you describe the ace&jig girl?

AJ: We like to think the ace&jig girl comes in all shapes and sizes, and is a creative and conscientious lover of textiles. We’re thrilled with how diverse our fan base is, and wouldn’t want it any other way!

(c): If you had to choose a film that best encapsulates ace&jig’s vibe, what film would that be?

AJ: We love the color, texture, and whimsy in all of Wes Anderson's films: Moonrise Kingdom, Darjeeling Limited, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums. His films are always visually captivating, hilarious, and quietly moving or nostalgic.


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