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On June 11, 2009 New York City’s Alife is coming full circle to where they began as a brand with the grand opening of a new gallery space called Alife Presents. This space will serve as the home to an art collective exhibiting the best and the brightest in the arts, both visual and non. The inaugural exhibit, titled Reckless Endangerment, will showcase new works from photographer/filmmaker Kai Regan. On June 19, 2009 Alife Presents takes the show on the road to Los Angeles where they will be presenting Shepard Fairy at Alife LA in conjunction with the launch of the latest issue of Arkitip magazine.

ALIFE PRESENTS is located at

157 Rivington St

, NYC, directly across from the ALIFE and ALIFE RIVINGTON CLUB (A.R.C.) shops, and adjacent to the recently opened A.R.C. SPORTS store.