ABOVE TREE LINE and CAPSULE NYC present: Five New York Camping Essentials

July 16, 2014 BY CAPSULE


Five Camping Essentials For Capsule New York

For those of you coming to Capsule straight from the trail this summer (you know who you are), don't drop off your pack before heading to the show. Some of that camping gear will come in handy while in New York.

Jeff Thrope aka Cold Splinters explains....


Did you know there are camping spots at Gateway National Recreation Area in Queens? Try skipping the fancy Manhattan hotel and head out to the former runway this time around. You can pitch your tent, wake up a stones throw from Rockaway and do a little surfing before you have to start writing orders.


Even after living in New York for ten years, I still have no clue how to get to Basketball City. You'll need this as soon as you step off the F train.

Camping Stove

Yes, the salads and sandwiches at the show are delicious, but sometimes you just want a homemade taco in the middle of a men's fashion trade how. Stop off at the bodega en route and pick up some tortillas and beans.


No matter how hot it is outside, it’s still freezing inside the show. Fleece is cool again, people. Believe me.

Camping Cup

We're all extremely thankful for the moment we see a fellow attendee holding a bottle of beer. Cocktail hour at Capsule might be the best hour of the show. But for those of us who have a hard time dealing with the influx of writers, buyers and designers crammed into a small booth asking 100 simultaneous questions, at least we can hide our whiskey behind the thick dark walls of blue enamel.

Pickup camping essentials and more at Above Tree Line.