A Tribute To Lawrence Schlossman... by James Harris

November 13, 2015 BY CAPSULE


Of the many fashionistas who have been part of the BPMW family, few have been more influential, or more entertaining than Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris. Larry joined the BPMW/Capsule team in the super early days of the #menswear movement, when his Tumblr, HTTTGAP, and his Twitter @sartoriallyinc were setting the tone for a new style of menswear journalism, fanboyhood and consumerism.


As a publicist and editor at BPMW, Lawrence further established himself on the international fashion scene and groomed a young whippersnapper intern on the rise named James Harris. The two of them went on eventually to the Complex network, where Lawrence launched and edited Four-Pins, and James covering fashion and lifestyle for Together, the two launched Fashion Bros – a web TV show that’s bound to turn up as a footnotes in the annals of fashion history of the 2010s…


Larry takes his looks so seriously, that its almost impossible not to laugh sometimes.. James recalls the time when BPMW took a trip to Mexico, and Larry was so committed to his Italian double monks and Bogliogli jacket look, that he actually wore them to the pool in 90+ degree heat. You gotta love a guy for that sort of dedication!

Today is Lawrence’s last day at Four-Pins,as he moves on the very buzzy world of designer re-sale. And James has posted a touching, yet telling slideshow of Larry’s looks through the ages, with insightful commentary throughout. From nerdy frat boy, to sprezzy Italian style guy, to goth ninja, to John-Elliot-Hoodie-wearing fashion meme, we watch a young Jersey boy on a journey of self-discovery, as he tries to define his true personal style as he rises to the heights of international fame and fortune … Here’s a preview, but make sure you click through to see the full story. Enjoy .