A Peek At Some Of The Amazing Brands Coming to Paris

September 24, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

undergroundUnderground's creeper originals have been capturing the hearts of designers, musicians, fashion-forward thinkers, romantics and the rebellious crowd for over a decade. The brand was created through a mutual love for the underground music scene, starting as punk and passing through grunge, acid house and in recent years, the indie music scene. With the transitions in music, came more and more styles of shoe. From the original creeper to the 'winklepickers', get hooked on the culture this brand offers, not to mention the kick ass shoes.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 11.38.54 AMYakampot, a wholly Mexican brand that modernizes typical native garments using local artisans and handmade techniques focuses on top level textiles and modern design while preserving the identity of traditions and iconography. Come view their SS14 collection in Paris.


The pieces in S = YZ's collections exude sensuality and sophistication. The brand takes classic lines and foundations and adds some youth and individuality to create wearable pieces made out of the purest materials. Past collections have had a focus on materials such as pure silk and lambskin while accentuating subtle detailing. We can't wait to see what's in store for SS14, make sure you find out at Capsule Paris Women's.

steven_alanSteven Alan is somewhat of a market guru, starting in retail with an impressive collection of designers, Alan moved swiftly to the launch of his own collection, which has only increased the success of his mini empire. The collections are made up of casual essentials and the SS14 women's pieces may be simple, but only in the most chic sense of the word.

giu_giuGiu Giu puts inspiration to fabric in her SS14 collections. The pieces look backwards through a nostalgic lens while being simplistic and gorgeous. The knitwear-focused label has a young and playful feel, and without being overly girly, the pieces are accessible to all. Come check Giu Giu out at Capsule Paris.

Alexander_YamaguchiAlexander Yamaguchi has been showing his ultra comfy and chic silhouettes in New York and Paris for over 10 years. His pieces feature beautiful silk screen prints and detailing and the SS14 collection is simple and enviable— we want every piece. Find your favorite at Capsule Paris.

black_craneBlack Crane is the inspiration child of Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki. The two are based in LA while their collection is based deeply in their Japanese roots and Japanese history. The silhouettes are the details to take notice of here– known for their supple lines and edgy collections, Black Crane pieces are made in LA and are totally lust-worthy.