A look inside the Kapital Runway Show in Hiroshima

June 11, 2015 BY LUKE ALLARD

Long-established Japanese denim brand Kapital heads to the runway for the first time, presenting their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The jean-makers, as the short documentary discusses, have never felt the need for a runway show, as the father/son design team, Toshikiyo and Kazuhiro Hirata, question "how realistic is it to wear the clothes you see on the runway?" However for the upcoming season, the duo decided it was time to experiment.

The short documentary is a trailer for a full length look into the runway show based in Hiroshima, detailing aspects like designer inspiration, back stage culture, and general happenings around the brand and the brand's designers. The video gives us a first hand look at intimate processes such as the design of the runway and individual outfit notes and decisions. Keep your eyes peeled for the full-length version of this exploration, set to be released in early July.