A Dose Of Tuesday Night Band Practice Live At (Capsule) NY


What do you do when your true talent lies somewhere other than where you are? Do exactly what the members of the band Tuesday Nights did and try your hand at what ever your flair is. After many nights of practicing, the band realized they had better skills in the art of making clothes and decided to design a clothing line that is inspired by Rock music, lyrics, clubs and the monsters of rock tour. The best part is you don’t even have to like any of this to rock these stylish clothes. We stopped by their booth at (capsule) NY to check out some key pieces and we got to know them a bit better.

Your inspiration for the ss11 line is? Shadows of the dead.When you are not wearing TNBP you are wearing? Old Shirts or Nothing . Your favorite season to design for is? Autumn/ Winter because it is cold, dark and dismal. Your favorite place in New York is? Central Park because all the homeless people always keep you company and the Ace Hotel. Your ideal celebrity client would be? Kurt Cobain

Check out these photos of TBNP, which will spice up your style any night.(Santho Goonewardene)