A Dose of (capsule) Women's: Toni Francesc

September 01, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

After studying at Instituto Catalan de la Moda, Toni Francesc created his namesake label fusing urban and natural style with innovation and experimentation. Read on to get an idea of what's in store for SS2011 and be sure to check out his full collection at (capsule) Women's Sept 21-22 in NYC.

Please provide me with a brief background about your company- when was it started, why? By whom? What is the collection known for – what’s the signature style?

Toni Francesc studied at the Instituto Catalan de la Moda in Barcelona from 1986- 1988 and shortly after created the Toni Francesc S.L. Company, specialized in a young sofisticated woman, with an urban and natural style in his collections. Toni is an enterprissing man who takes care of innovation and experimentation. Besides commercial success of his collections, Toni has also collaborated with several prestigious television, theater and Spanish productions serving as their wardrobe designer. He has garnered tremendous press and attention throughout the industry for his unique vision and abstract designs. Francesc has participated in Fashion Week’s around the world such as, Hong Kong, Madrid, Mexico and Moscow. He has presented the Spring/Summer 2011 collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at the new IMG location, Lincoln Center on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. This has been the third season Francesc has shown his collection during New York Fashion Week. September 2009 was the first season the designer was chosen to take part in fashion week in the U.S. All his shows in New York have been very well received by the industry and Francesc also received highly favourable reviews in the press.

What is the designer inspired by for SS2011?

Toni Francesc tranfers a forest-based concept to a city environment with “Urban Forest” – Spring/Summer 2011. This concept leads us through an intelligent forest in which we feel closer and more in touch with our natural surroundings. Wood becomes the symbol of this collection, as it has for the eco-friendly consumer, one who is committed to the environment and seeks to achieve a new and modern appeal based on the recycling of natural elements. “Urban Forest” is a collection that is just as versatile as wood itself. In this respect, depending on its treatment, wood can present its most natural dimension, as witnessed in tree bark, or its most elaborate side, including carved and moulded wooden forms.

What are some key items of the collection for SS2011? What is the core color palette?

The Collection’s clothing items present a series of rough and enveloping forms combined with other cleaner volumes and straight, milder lines. The range of colours derives from natural landscapes, based on a predominant use of neutral shades such as beige, white and grey, tones that contrast with flashes of light in the form of yellow, turquoise and coral. The materials employed boast their own organic language, based on combinations of natural fibres such as linen, cotton and silk, thus endowing these clothing items with texture and a sense of life Do you have any big news coming up in the next few months that you’d like to tell the world about?

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